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good day, my beloved CL admin and player.

today i want share about my opnion about sniper

First, musket have bug, it cant philoed and musket base damage are to small i think musket must have more base damage and  sniper must have 1 skill with super damage, i think thats why player cant kill anyone if they are sniper . and sniper not have passive or buff for attack speed so they skill are too slow and low damage, 

Acording to the name "sniper". i think sniper must have huge strike, and huge damage. why? coz at real life sniper can beat his enemy just with 1 precise shot,  i hope next time or next patch you guys can improve sniper so we can see more musket player at CL, musket just for style now, at next time i hope we can use it for Grind and war, Thanks before, peace, love CL forever

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