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  1. hi. :))

    welcomeaslddddddddddddewwwwwwwwwwwwwfkorpe¨kgvoprelfsdkåäqkf nice to meet yah
  2. Spammer's Official Thread

  3. Spammer's Official Thread

  4. Spammer's Official Thread

  5. Spammer's Official Thread

    oooh. beelzebub <3
  6. Hello everyone, nice to meet yah!!

    Late welcomes ! ~ hope you have fun time here
  7. Sup~

    Thx everyone!!! ^^ hopefully we meet in game someday yeah i looked one guide there already :) i am gonna be magnus, but thx anyways ! i like this server so far, great community here~~
  8. Sup~

    Thx!! and +1 for elmo! :D
  9. Sup~

    I did, but with my luck no one whispered :P i got one now tho and thx btw!
  10. Sup~

    Hey i am new to celestia so i came say hi here :) hope ill have fun here :D Aand i need help with training, cant find dd. so if you are up to it whisper me in game :D IGN: EeDragon 59lvl atm