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  1. private donation

    send me details pls. thank you, more matter will be discussed via pm :)
  2. multi log-ins same unit

    i would like to rephrase my statement, I am not against dual clienting but against using more than 2 clients which is as stated above is similar to multivoting. So pls. admins lets put stricter rules against using clients more than 2. as it makes the server unstable,
  3. monster quest drop item

    I do acknowledge that most private server isn't quest based but, at-least please update the quest reward exp, drop and gold rate thanks!
  4. multi log-ins same unit

    Greetings, I am not against the idea of multi clienting since this is a private server, but do you even know why corporate hosting companies such as GPotato, enforced the 1 unit 1 client? it is to help reduce the stress of the server, more clients = more stress = higher pings = high chances of constant disconnection. using client more than 2 is and should be deemed as a violation, why? because they are making the server less feasible for everyone to have a worthwhile gametime, SS are proof that certain people abused the multi client capability and should have been banned with both their dummy and main accounts. to follow Screenshots: edit: wow -2 reputations with me reporting? haha such low lifes! edit: SS
  5. monster quest drop item

    ok so am not like some other people who only play for nothing, I play for quests and quests alone, I would like to stress out how difficult it is to obtain all drop items from the hunters board quest, killing 5-10 of the same type only gives you 1 quest item out of 50 if lucky you'll be given out with 3-5 per monster PLS. increase drop rate of all quest items! thanks!
  6. constant disconnection

    yes he did say that, also he stated and some mods too, that the reason of both server and website downtime last week was because "they were movings stuffs to a new better hosting company" I have wasted my DD because my DD partner always get their client frozen, OFF TOPIC:: and also I am aware that this server's drop rate is +50% to a normal drop rate, so if Wind Basilisk drops it's quest item Sharp Back Horn at 85% normal therefor it should be drop at 85%+.50=127.5% then and then why do i have to kill multiple wind basilisk just to get 1 or 2 sharp back horn (am doing the hunter union board quests) can anyone explain??? **EDIT: ok so I did re-read and this part "When we do move" caught my eyes, I apologies** **EDIT 2: wow I get minus 2 reputation for stating my mind out? bunch of losers**
  7. constant disconnection

    whats the big this happens right after brandon says his moving to another hosting companies which should provides us with "BETTER" game play? but rather we kept getting this disconnection problem specially when doing dungeon date?
  8. quests

    Greetings, I abandone a couple of quests and now I have the key items for that particular quest but I cant seem to acquire the said quest anymore...? is it a bug?
  9. Dontation

    OFFTOPIC: brandon, I sent you a message and knowing you got tons of private message pls take a look at my message as it doesn't contain any BS remark :) thank you
  10. searchshop

    meaning, if i search rune carving inggot and it matches a shop name, that particular shop turns blue? (but they are all blue in the first place when I first checked channel 3 in NC, or my eyes is playing tricks on me?)
  11. searchshop

    how do you seachshop function in-game?
  12. Dontation

    I dont know, but skype id is somewhat private, I have to go and hit the sack, also if you still have money to spare try to use cherry credits, i trust it more than click and buy
  13. Dontation

    i think the mail support goes directly to bradley, whose the owner of the server, wish you all the best luck, cheers edit: brandon
  14. Dontation

    then i would suggest sending the staff an email (found on contact page at their homepage) or try to go to their mirc room (for which I dont know)