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  1. Sword Storm Back

    Could Sword Storm back to can be used on 2hands sword users? The reason is 2 hands players only have earthquake as pure physical attack, others AOE like Wheel Wind and Blazing Body looks more like attacks infused with magical attack
  2. Double Sonic Boom

    Double Sonic Boom is just for dual wield?
  3. need help how to 1hit at NB

    You need 19p.a on accessories and weapons, DS Belt, 22 STR or more on rings and 1500 crit rate, Crit slime
  4. Questions about new patch

    Why in some moments playing the game when i press the buttons from shortcuts of potions doesnt work and looks like the game is freezed?
  5. Tank and Help

    Thanks, i will post it on the Questions section for next times.
  6. Tank and Help

    For be a good tanker player and help other players what level of Attract Circle is need Level 20 or the skill is bugged?
  7. Recover of Account

    How much time take recover a account since i did the submit of the request?
  8. How long will take recover a account? I have did a request