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    I love luna , anime, cars,and pool! I always love good conversation too!!

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  1. Hi everybody!!! :3 my name is kanni or Ren ! Ive been around since luna online was a baby :) but i wanted to stop in and introduce myself on the forum ! Im going to start some new (in depth ) guides and such ! Hopefully you guys can check them out and maybe even teach me a thing or two !!! ^__^ On a side note if anyone knows Damius or Dammi please message me dammi was my best friend and i miss him dearly !!! Anyways Hello friends !! Have fun!!! See you around!
  2. how to private donation?

    A step by step on PD: 1. Talk to ORANGE. To find her go to the forum and click on the admin names and it will pull up the profile. 2.message and ask to make a private donation 3. Once you have talked orange will give you the information to transfer a PD via paypal. 4 . Donation minimum is 150$ usd You will then receive the items in your item mall inventory Important : note that you should NOT donate through the "donate" tab for this .
  3. Damius i met you in gpotato luna !! If you get back on please note me .... i miss you my friend .

  4. how to private donation?

    Oh i see thanks , i was waiting to hear back as I am excited to donate
  5. how to private donation?

    After talking to her do you just donate through the donate tab(via paypal) on luna homepage?