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  1. I might be switching to go pure tank when I get higher level for wars. Nice guide mate!
  2. tony119

    S> CB / HB

    CB: +12 (gloves) 22vit / +7 (necklace) 21vit = 20b HB: +12 (gloves) 20str / +7 (necklace) 19.1pa = 20b
  3. Been playing the games ever since and this is the first time I experienced this issue (Please see screenshot) Tried reinstalling the client but still has same issue. Anymore fixes?
  4. Few questions here. I hope everyone answers me nicely: 2x Hathor with 19.5 pa or 2x TCS with 19.5 pa? 2x Hathor with 25 str or 2x Hathor with 19.0 pa? Bachelor's Hat's 3% pa or Jack O'Lantern's 15 STR? 1 PA is how many STR? Thanks in advanced for the proper answers.
  5. +12 per piece will cost 10b each part I believe. for +13 I think it's 13b each part IMO
  6. Really? I thought Magnus is the advanced class of Rune Knight?
  7. @Seraphyre nice input there sir. seems like you're a pro-fighter. May I know if you already tried pure STR Elven Paladin or Magnus with 1 hand? Is it good or the damage will be really low? I've sent you a PM to change mine.
  8. Rune Knight / Magnus has Earth Wave
  9. I also played way back 2010 to 2012 and I just returned playing the game 2nd week of December 2016. I will try to answer all your questions since I'm currently making an STR, 1 handed magnus that is currently struggling to 105. Forum signature: It is auto generated on how many post in this forum. Yeah, yours is better than mine. This is the summary of Pros and Cons for me: Paladin - Higher Block rate - No 105 aoe skill: Shield Punch - Lower level of unique buffs (auras) if it came from Rune Knight Magnus - Lower Block Rate - Higher PDef - Dual Sonic Blasts (Ranged) - Higher level on unique buffs (auras) *Yes, the skills are all fixed and you can't use axe anymore if you're going for sword. Sword is better for Sonic Boom and Dual Sonic Blast *Yes, 2 handed Magnus is also good if you want more PATK but less pdef and quick casting skills. but if you're planning to go dual-wield, better to go SM instead for higher level of expertise *I'm not a fan of DEX. I will go pure STR with STR items and strike accesories and will go PURE VIT with STR items around 135+. Note: Rune Impact Nevermisses and Dual strike's poison effect is still applied even though you hit it as a miss. *Comparing to 2-handed Magnus and 2-handed destroyers, it is like you will have to choose whether you want a lower PATK but higher PDEF or higher PATK and lower PDEF. I'm not a fan of destroyer since you will not get my favorite skill: Rune Impact. It's up to you what will you choose but every character has it's own strengths and weaknesses. *If you're going to ask me, I think the game will be much better without donation items - but I think it is inevitable since the game also needs $$$ for the game maintenance and improvement. I hope I did helped to answer your questions.
  10. Off Topic: @xGunZ before you post something like this, will you please give back our guildmate's Rously's items? She gave you her password believing that you will play it until 105. What did you do? You stole ALL her items. She's just getting into the peak of enjoying this game BUT you hacked her. Yes, She might be wrong sharing your password to her but be considerate being a fellow in the same country playing the same game. I know this is inappropriate to post here, but I would like to let you people know what kind of person he is. He also scammed many players by the way. PS: Kindly remove this post if it's necessary.
  11. Also: Matching point should not go below 30. Also: Age should be within gap of 10? (correct me if I'm wrong)
  12. for EVA it is rounded off around .8 and .9. I'm not sure on .7 below and other stats bonuses though.
  13. Note me: xxSaitama for free boosting. You're welcome.
  14. Thank you for the inputs. I've already decided to create another character and it's an Elf. I need that Illusion Attack (stun) and Casting Foil for PvP
  15. I actually have an assassin that will be Entrapper soon for farming. I'm just curious if it can also farm with Assassin > Arch Ranger path. I also created a rogue elf that will be Rune Walker > Arch Ranger. Any inputs, pros and cons on Human Arch Ranger and Elven Arch Ranger?
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