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  1. Quick patch?

    Is there something new with that quick patch? or just fixing lag issues? thanks!
  2. I thought the magical crit prayer is available at 105, at my surprise its at 110, thought I will be having a break at leveling when I enter 105. :V I would also suggest that if it is possible to add a low Int/Wizardy lvl buff just to help a little about its magical atk, I know you said that it should not be competing with mages with Ma.atk, but as a warrior class that is about support and features the use of INT path, dont you think its just appropriate? Anyways, other players would need to still invest a lot if int/Ma items just to be at mages Ma lvl, which is for me still hard, not many players can get WR, Bach Ma, EDS, Gemini, Farouks etc, with this I think crusader would be a Job that others might think of playing.
  3. Stat & Class Balancing

    I agree with this, make a stat that would contribute to Magical Crit rate so that Int warriors/Mages would not solely depend on fortunate Magic/Twinkle Magic or just make it an additional possible stat to items just like Physical critical rate. :) Not speaking about a stat giving differen bonuses, just about Magical Crit rate on one stat, thats all. :)
  4. DD reset

    Thanks Orange!
  5. DD reset

    Guys, diba 2 Pm sa philippines reset nang DD?