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  1. Demon costume can be obtained during October/November from the gem store or all year round from PD.
  2. Thank you for your report! We will look into this
  3. Orange

    new daily reward

    Hello, that daily reward track started September 26th, until December 16th that is 81 days to complete this track. It seems you started this track a little too late.
  4. Please submit a ticket at https://celestialuna.com/help
  5. Items added during events must have the visuals matching that theme, if you want to suggest new costumes, accessories, equipment you can but they must fit the winter and christmas theme!
  6. Thank you for all your suggestions! I liked the suggestion about event summoning tome and monster pets. We might add event summoning tome from soul shards dropped by event monsters only. For the pets we could have the tome summoned event monsters have the drop chance for "replica pets" of that monster. Thinking of pets we might also improve the materials for the toy pet recipes and have them also drop from the original event monsters.
  7. Hi Celestians! As you know yearly seasonal events have become a big part of the game and we hope something that you look forward to. To keep it interesting for loyal players we try to add something new every year. It's not always possible due to work load or simply running out of ideas and trying to keep the events at least slightly different from each other. With either scheduled automatic events or prizes and mechanics to earn those prizes. Yule tide is one of our biggest events in regards to content. There are so many things to collect, craft & hunt. So now we want to hear from our players about what you would like us to add, remove or change this year. We await to hear your ideas and feedback!
  8. There is no setting within the game, you will have to check your TV settings for upscaling or changing your TV to a smaller resolution. Bigger monitors have scale settings, if your TV is modern it might have some too, otherwise changing the resolution is the only way. If you play in full screen just changing the game resolution to a smaller one should work.
  9. good morning, i would like to know what turns to halloween! It was one of the best dates of the year, and I wanted to pass along with the celestia.
  10. The first iteration of the server from 2009 had a server wipe, and we came back in 2010, which is from where we count our anniversary years! Nice throwback email tho!
  11. It's global, if you hide it nobody will see it.
  12. Try using a VPN like tunnelbear just to patch if you are having connection issues to the patch server.
  13. Try restarting your router/modem, we use a global CDN so it uses servers closest to you. You might be having connection issues to those servers. If that doesn't work then try using a proxy or vpn. Tunnelbear has free options.
  14. That thing about my nick is a misconception. I was a moderator in the server before the wipe of 2010. I picked Orange because I had orange hair then. I can never change it now because everybody knows who Orange is. Thank you for sharing your story and anecdotes, it would be nice if more players joined and did the same
  15. Items: [Tiny Crystal Stone] can now be reinforced and enchanted. Changed name of [Alice/Mad Hatter] costume to [Magic Weavers]. Now only available through reward tickets. [White/Pink Kitty Paw] now have 5 INT / 3 DEX effect as well. [Lovely Guardian] now also gives +35 Move Speed. Skills: Fixed Crusader missing racial buffs. Changed racial buffs: Burning Rage: Gives [3/5/10/14/18%] physical and magical attacking power at the cost of [3/6/12/24/40] HP per second. Lash: Gives [11/16//32/65/130] HP recovery rate per second at the cost of [4/8/16/32/60] MP per second. Nature's Shield: Gives [3/5/10/14/18%] physical and magical defense at the cost of [4/8/16/32/60] MP per second. Nature's Mind: Gives [8/16/32/68/140] MP recovery rate per second at the cost of [3/6/12/24/40] HP per second. Please note that magic defense % is not currently visible in the character window but does work. Next patch it will be visible in the character window. In a future patch racial buffs will be given [Lv1] @ job Lv20, [Lv2] @ job Lv40, [Lv3] @ job Lv75, [Lv4] @ job Lv105 and [Lv5] @ job Lv135. NPCs: Caroline, Alice's sister now sells magical goods in Nera Castle. Alvin and Carlo are permanent residents of Blue Land located in Alker Harbor and Nera Castle. They exchange reward tickets for goods. Boucheron was moved closer Zank. Events: Summer Solstice is now over. Anniversary Event starts on 9/26.
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