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  1. I understand, there are multiple linux distros so it's always safer to ask. Wine can be unstable and while the game might run smoothly 90% of the time it will have bugs that do not happen on its native os, supporting Wine is low priority at this time. This crash is avoidable so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but if you run into more wine related bugs do let us know
  2. What OS are you running? This doesn't happen normally. Have you experienced this just once or multiple times? Have you tried reinstalling?
  3. Orange

    DD requirements ?

    There is no gender requirement, the only requirement in the system is to have more than 30 matching points
  4. Lvl 20 PvP Tournament Winners: Congratulations to all and thank you for participating!
  5. That guide has a lot of outdated info. The 0.01% (before server rate) is for Medusa Wand and Heart Stone of Evil. Hathor has a higher drop rate.
  6. If a player wants to waste their gold and very expensive items for a level 20 tournament, they can go ahead.
  7. Follow the participation requirements carefully to be able to join: A new level 20 character created on a new account with no other characters (no deleted characters either) must be used to participate. The character cannot be de-leveled and must be level 20 the day of the tournament. You have until the day of the tournament to prepare the character. You can only participate in the tournament on one account. Using more than one account will disqualify you. Edits are forbidden, if the account ever came in contact with an edited item it will be disqualified. (Cannot use to level the character or for any other purpose, if the account ever used an edited item it will be disqualified.) Reply to this topic with your character name (doesn't have to be level 20 when you enter it, can level and prepare it after) to enter the tournament For the day of the tournament and battle: Character must not be in a guild or party, leave your guild and party before the tournament. You may change job, or not, up to you! Must be wearing the event costume, back accessory, head and face accessory (untradeable) provided by the GM to the participants the day of the tournament. Other costumes and accessories are not accepted. You can wear any equipment you wish (exception below), this rule is only for costume, head accessory, face accessory, back accessory and trinket. You will be provided with: 1x Flora Costume (event), 1x Flora Flower Trinket (event), 1x Flora Fairy Wings of choice (event), 1x Flower Crown of choice (event), 1x +2 base stat Glasses - these items will be deleted after the event. Heirloom rings, earrings and necklace are not allowed. PD Equipment is not allowed. Only self buffs and Alice/Caroline Nostrums are allowed. Any other effects from items (fishing/elixir potion, daily reward elixir, food, buff items, daily reward scroll) are forbidden. Pet buffs, other player buffs, guild buffs, item buffs (potion, nostrum, food, ticket, etc) are forbidden. (The GM will kill you in a duel to remove these, if you have other effects by the time of the tournament that aren't removed with death you will be disqualified) Using HP potions/foods is forbidden. Using heal skills and holy barrier is forbidden. Using MP potions/foods is allowed. The character must be level 20 the day of the tournament and the account must comply with the event rules (no contact with forbidden items, no deleted or other characters on the account). You can level and test builds on your other accounts and edit your forum reply to enter your final character before May 7 12am server time [Tournament starts May 7 4am server time]. https://www.timebie.com/std/utc.php?q=4 Prizes: 1st place: $60 PD credit, 500 gems 2nd place: 500 gems 3rd place: 300 gems Participation: 1 Blessed Pukerian's Scroll Reply here to join the tournament, only replies until May 7 12am server time will be accepted. (see item stats here: https://celestialuna.com/event-flora-festival/)
  8. Every time you craft you roll the dice, theoretically yes, you should get 6 out of 10, but that's not how odds work. For example if we use randomly generated numbers we can see it more clearly, a number must be under 60 to succeed craft: So sometimes if you are really unlucky what happened to you can indeed happen.
  9. Orange

    Dropable Pet Eggs

    Thank you for your report. Stone Golem was indeed set to drop 2 wands of glory, we have changed that to 1. I've checked baby harpy and baby golems, the drop rate was 0.05%, we have fixed that as well. These fixes will be in the next patch
  10. Thank you for your suggestions, we are already adding "reconnect to safety zone" to work with DD in our next client update!
  11. Yes it seems so, somewhere you are getting a proxy through HK/China. Another internet provider like your phone data might work.
  12. It seems for some reason it is locating you as HK/China and not Indonesia. If your phone is on a different carrier try to see if you are able to see Indomaret through there.
  13. It should be available, click the arrows on top:
  14. Congratulations to all the winners! [All participants and winners will be contacted through forum message throughout the weekend to redeem their prize]
  15. The event is now closed, results will be posted Friday March 31st. We sent messages to some participants for proof of work, if you do not provide proof of work before this date you will be disqualified. Good luck everyone!
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