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  1. 32mb of what? Try disabling AA in launcher, disabling shadows, setting view effect/graphic condition to minimum and view point range to near.
  2. Welcome back! Don't forget to reach terms of service and patch notes to catch up~ There is an in-game event currently going on which will end on the 12th so don't miss out! Details can be found on our website or the event guide featured on the forum front page.
  3. It does, the numbers are low so if you take a lot of damage then you won't notice it as much.
  4. Orange

    Level 125 Jobs

    Hi, we won't be adding Luna+ jobs like that. We will add our own jobs for level 135 when we finish fixing all the current jobs.
  5. Accepted, will be implemented next patch.
  6. Items: Updated [Sealed Coffin] set effect: PA +1%, MA +1%, PDEF +3%, MDEF +3%, Speed +32%. Updated [Astral Wings] set effect: PA +1%, MA +1%, PDEF +2%, MDEF +2%, Speed +30%. Updated [Hevenly Wings] set effect: MDEF +2%, Wisdom +20, MP Recovery +50, Speed +35%. Updated [Earthen Wings] set effect: PDEF +3%, Speed +32%. Updated [Aqua Wings] set effect: MA +3%, Speed +32%. Event: Updated Hallows' Eve event, details:
  7. It's that time of the year when ghosts come out to play~ Enjoy delicious treats while honoring the dead during the year's best season! All items are account bound Rising Dead (Lv110~135) Francisco has heard rumors of witches rising the dead in Ghost Tree Swamp and wants you to check it out. Hunt these risen dead and bring him their Voodoo Dolls for rewards. Watch out for the legend of the Soul Eater. The witches' powerful voodoo magic draws him out, he roams the swamp hungrier than ever! Soul Eater has a chance to drop Hallows' Eve masks. Risen dead can be located at the bottom of Ghost Tree Swamp on all channels. 300 Pump Up Pumpkin 300 Mummy Head 500 Mummy Body 200 Mummy Hands 200 Mummy Feet 300 Witch's Hat 500 Witchy Outfit 200 Witchy Gloves 200 Witchy Boots 200 Magic Broom Dancing with the Dead (All levels) During this festivity we honor the dead, offer them sweets, dances and songs. Every hour the [Dancing with the Dead] event allows you to seek altars for a bag filled with sweets and some Bread of the Dead~ But be careful! The spirits might get annoyed and send you a nasty surprise instead... If you're under level 110 you better run! Bring Bread of the Dead to Maria in Alker Harbor for seasonal goods~ 300 Skull Pin 500 Skull Mask 400 Day of the Dead Hair 400 Day of the Dead Outfit 200 Day of the Dead Hands 200 Day of the Dead Shoes Trick or Treating (All levels) Candy filled pumpkins can be found all over Blue Land* near houses and NPCs! Break them to obtain a pouch filled with candy and a couple Voodoo Dolls~ *Excluded Maps: All dungeons, Alker Farms, Dark Portal, Distorted Crevice, Dark Forest, Ghost Tree Swamp, Lair of Kierra. Happy festivities and good luck~
  8. Well it depends on your end game, destroyer is more for PvE right now while cardinal is more for PvP. Mages are usually a bit more expensive to build than fighters.
  9. Hi, unfortunately we don't revert pricing mistakes such as these, these are consumable items and players might have already used them or sold them, etc. You must be careful when inputting price into your vending booth! Have you tried contacting the buyer? Perhaps they will understand.
  10. Orange

    Bug report

    You're not understanding. When your guild is level 5 you can only learn 1 skill. You can't learn more skills until your guild is level 6. Guild level 4 can learn 1 skill. Guild level 6 can learn 2 skills. Guild level 8 can learn 3 skills. You already have Enhanced Fitness level 1, you can't learn a second skill until your guild reaches level 6.
  11. Orange

    Bug report

    It's not bug, you can't learn more than 1 guild buff until your guild reaches level 6. At level 6 you can have 2 buffs, at level 8 you can have 3 buffs.
  12. Orange


    You will lose a lot of EXP, even if you wear exp protection.
  13. Winners 1st Place - LaylaCrus Top 3 (excluding 1st place, in no particular order) Faithe, MamaPapaLarang Top 10 (excluding top 3, in no particular order) Otama, iMoonshine, Pururin, Dorabae, Sathi, Knute, excei Congratulations to all the winners! Everybody submitted such great entries in our very first Beauty Contest, it was very hard selecting the winners. In fact, we were having such a hard time that we decided to use player votes in future events of this kind. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, all rewards will be awarded by the end of the day.
  14. wrong send
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