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  1. The game is old and the server is about to celebrate its 11th anniversary. We still get new players, but since it's a high rate server they don't stay new too long!
  2. Orange

    A Lot of Questions

    You can get more replies in Discord to these kinds of questions, you can also see shout history to find out about prices yourself. Boosting is done through parties, do not share your account with anyone who says they will log it to boost it, that's not necessary. You stay in a safe part of the map while the booster kills monsters. You don't have to farm dinos, you can farm ants which are easier and drop equipment as well. Items like Blessed Pukerian's Scroll and other enchant scrolls are always in demand. The question of whether you would use crafted equipment 35 levels higher than a blue level rarity answers itself, you get a lot more stats from it. For job passives, they opened up more paths but old paths are still very much viable. You can still follow old guides or ask in Discord for tips. The summoning map is for using the summoning books mainly, yes, it's to prevent griefing.
  3. Orange

    Concentrated Jealousy

    Once you completed the step you cannot get it again, if the quest log still says "Get item from X" then it's possible, but if it's a different step then you must abandon and retake the quest.
  4. Numbers and winners announced! https://www.facebook.com/clunaonline/posts/1089050188245170
  5. They can't confirm that because they don't have our details and specifications. If seeing that major antivirus providers marked our program as safe is not enough for you then we can't do anything else for you.
  6. Join the event by visiting the following post: https://www.facebook.com/clunaonline/posts/1081124739037715
  7. We have thousands of players, do you think we would be distributing malware? Antiviruses flag packed programs when they can't read them, it's called a false positive. You can check yourself that we have submitted our program to major antivirus providers and they marked it as safe: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5ec357470b52540588bf3a768d200577efb0134412037cc8c590e85506fd330c/detection
  8. As the topic I linked says, it's a false positive because our client is packed and it can't read it.
  9. https://celestialuna.com/account/recover
  10. There is no chance of recovery with an email that was deactivated for many security reasons, the main one being that anyone can re-create that email without the owner's permission.
  11. Are you using Yahoo? If you are and the address was de-activated at some point in time, you will not be able to recover anything with it. The reason for this: Yahoo allows anyone to re-create the same email address after it was de-activated, so anyone can claim anybody's email if they don't maintain it.
  12. Grappler is not enabled because he doesn't have working drops in Classic, some day we will add unique drops for him and enable him. Fairy Queen spawns in multiple locations around the rainbow on the map.
  13. Hai, can you help me? I lost my password, i remember my ID, nickname, and e-mail. But im forget password e-mail too. Can u help fix my celestia luna account?

    1. Orange


      You cannot recover an account without the email.

  14. A new gacha containing an all time favorite accessory featured in multiple colors and stats! This is a year-round gacha that will always be available. Colors: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Aqua, Lime, White.
  15. We already have 2 sun items, it would be better to have some more unique looking items for that slot.
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