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  1. "Meeting random stranger in dungeon", you mean how you shout for date dungeons to do them with strangers?... you can do that just fine here? And the forums have an easy password recovery feature.
  2. There are seasonal costume rotations and some costumes are weekly sale only. Cats are weekly sale only, hanbok is lunar new year only, opera is halloween only, etc. Some costumes that won't be available in gem store are chef, general, firefighter, tights, which are reserved for other sources.
  3. If your password is too long that could be an issue, try not to make your password longer than 10 characters.
  4. If restarting your router/modem does not help then try using a VPN. A program like tunnelbear is easy to use.
  5. That is a question that only you can answer after playing for a while. Our biggest points are that we have the longest running server out of all of them, both private and official. Our server has been active since 2010. We are true Luna Classic, without any of Luna Plus features that led to its demise. We do add modified and custom systems that fit with the classic feel. We have high rates so leveling and collecting items is not too tedious, vendors with basic necessities, new content and fixes being added all the time. We have seasonal events where players can collect tokens and earn costumes, accessories and more. We have daily login rewards and weekly sales in the Gem Store. Our server is truly international and located in the US. These are just a few of the things that make us standout and contribute to our longevity.
  6. There is no multiple hit, what you see is the damage of the skill split into however many hits the effect wants to show. All skills have a single damage indicator and landing hit computation, so it's not possible to have real multiple hit skills in this system similar to FPS where everything is a separate hit. Most mmorpgs use this system of fake multiple damage, where the skills are still a single chance and damage computation per use/cast.
  7. Hi, we already mentioned in the past some wigs will become hairstyles instead.
  8. We do not reveal such information, if you forgot your email there is nothing you can do.
  9. Orange

    Player online

    Not all active users are registered for date matching and it changes depending on the time of day, during peak hours there can be 900+ players online.
  10. The drop rate (with server rates applied) is 0.65%, so you were unlucky. We will raise it next patch.
  11. You will have to read patch notes to catch up: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/forum/67-patch-notes/ There are now daily rewards, static seasonal events and weekly sales beside those patch notes.
  12. When was the last time you played? then we can tell you what changed so far!
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