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  1. Is there a delayed sir when you bought gems..?

    1. Orange


      Open the gems page and click the HELP button above the prices to see your transactions and their status. Gems can take up to 48h to arrive on some payment methods.

  2. You can see that on our website. November 20th.
  3. The skill is always active, that's the bug.
  4. You are playing a different server and game. This is the forum for Celestia Luna Online.
  5. Dagger Training is your main passive skill.
  6. "They supposedly have" means they have, you mean to say "they are supposed to have" which means they should have. The reason some jobs have some skills and others don't is because in Luna it's about being able to have mixed paths to get some skills that you could not get with other jobs, then we introduced job passives to have bonuses for pure paths as well. I like the names but renaming a job after 10 years is not very suitable, players are used to these names and changing them will create confusion since we can't scrub and change these job names all over our forums. As for buffs, there are too many buffs as it is, we want to try to lower the amount of buffs rather than add more, with mechanics like Crusader's "can only use one of these types of buffs at a time" system for other jobs as well.
  7. Thank you for voting, we are most likely going to add: 2h staff in the form of a devil's trident 2h Sword in the form of a bloody chainsaw 1h axe in the form of a bloody cleaver a bow in halloween style a magic earring (because winter tide has a physic necklace).
  8. Good job, informative topic, but to correct, you are missing Day of the Dead (Bread of the Dead token) and the Voodoo Doll token quests are labelled [H].
  9. Want to help improve the next event? Vote on which equipment type you'd like to see added to drops from event monsters! This poll is for Hallows' Eve/Day of the Dead If an item already drops from an event it's written in the type. Items that already drop from other events will have less priority. > 1h Sword (Winter Tide, Summer Solstice) > 2h Sword > 1h Axe > 2h Axe > 1h Mace (Winter Tide) > 2h Mace > Dagger (Winter Tide) > Bow > Gun (Winter Tide) > Staff (Winter Tide) > Wand > Shield (Winter Tide, Summer Solstice) > Necklace (Winter Tide) > Earring > Ring Vote in the poll above and give us your feedback if you have any in a reply here!
  10. A new gacha is here! Filled with delicious and fun face accessories for all~ Snack Time Gacha will contain one of the following items: Good luck in your favorite snack hunt!
  11. Interface: Fixed missing face image n12 for human female. Items: Renamed Yellow Cat costume to Orange Cat. Updated Worm head accessory textures. Optimized hood models for Paladin's/Assassin's/Sorcerer's Hood. Fixed model for Warmonger's/Seer's/Marauder's bindings. Fixed old head items display layer. Fixed several item tooltips. Added set boxes for cat costumes. Improved Greater Angel Wing recipe with new materials. Changed scarf and holo headphone set effects: Pink Holo Headphones/Blue Scarf: Move Speed +60 +45, Intelligence +10 +15. Black Pink Holo Headphones/Black Blue Holo Headphones/Orange Scarf: Move Speed +60 +45. Blue Holo Headphones/White Scarf: Critical Rate +70 Critical Damage +5%, Move Speed +30 +45, Physical Defense +15, Magical Defense +25, Strength +15. Pink Scarf: Critical Rate +130, Vitality +20, Mana +500, Life +8%, Move Speed +45, Physic Defense +2%, Magic Defense +3%. Monsters: Changed Blackhorn Hatchling behavior, they will no longer pursue enemies, they will stand in place and attack enemies with a chance to root them in place. Added new Greater Angel Wing materials to Kentauros, Plantis, Fierce Plantis. Increased drop rate of Magical Pegasus Feather.
  12. This account is banned. Use tickets to request an unban https://celestialuna.com/help
  13. Unless you have 800 DEX then Frankenstein is better, however, Bachelor also gives speed while Frankenstein doesn't.
  14. Reinstall/update your graphic card drivers and reinstall/install the latest version of directX.
  15. But you just said you crash when hunting regular monsters like stripped lizardman. Just try it first and see if it fixes anything.
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