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  1. Upgrading game engine is not something you can just do, that would be making a new game from scratch, which we will not be doing. We will add WASD at some point in the future, and other minor QOL changes like cancel button, etc, as well.
  2. Nice video Antoni! I must inform you though that we might not support windows XP for much longer, really need an upgrade soon Hopefully we can have that gardens/graveyard drops update soon so it's more rewarding to farm there!
  3. Welcome back! Join our discord if you haven't yet and chat with other players about anything you might have forgotten about the game~ https://discord.gg/vSUjnuZ
  4. Hey, join our discord to get faster responses! Infantry gives you some defensive skills and passives, while swordman gives you the higher job passive, so it's really up to your preference~
  5. DM me your discord name and we will check
  6. Thanks a lot ma'am for keeping this game for a long timeĀ :heart:

  7. Orange


  8. Try restarting your router/modem or using a VPN service like TunnelBear.
  9. What is your suggestion for a different mummy skin? We have 2 mummy costumes already~
  10. Love the suggestions, unfortunately at this time we're focused on features, bugs and quality of life updates. We won't be adding any new costumes that aren't a skin of an existing costume for a while.
  11. Try using megaphone for looking in game and discord https://discord.gg/vSUjnuZ
  12. Items: Fixed evasion on head accessories updated last patch. Fixed attack speed on head accessories/belt updated last patch. Updated casting speed on Munchkin Gloves (PD) & Kitty Paws (Gacha) from 5% to 7%. Updated attack speed on Kitty Paws (Gacha) from 5% to 7%. Updated stats on PD Angel & Demon wings. Added new dark version of Sexy Blue Bikini, Sexy Red Bikini. Added new costume improvement tokens that allow you to improve the stats of base costumes. These items are being added in waves, make sure to read the Compatible Costume List before purchasing them from the Gem Store! Added new daily rewards. Skills: Updated tooltips of all skills updated last patch. Events: Flora Festival & Multiverse Explorers is disabled. Summer Solstice is enabled. Captain Redbeard now has multiple spawns with a 2h-5h cooldown.
  13. Kentauros spawn on multiple parts of the map so you could run from one spot to another while farming. 1st spot is the hill near the NPCs, 2nd spot is after that where there is a heart shaped mount and last place is past the waterfalls.
  14. Reported/Known bugs: Evasion not showing up on Trinket of the Sun, Dream of a Sunset.
  15. Items: Added Flower Pots for Daily Reward crafted from Mystery Sprout. Fixed some set effects where movement speed was coming from a passive instead of set stat. Fixed Strawberry Cake Hat craft recipes for the other 2 hats. Updated some leftover unusable skills on low level equipment to useful stats: Steel Reinforced Pickaxe: [Unusable Skill, Physic Defense +5%] Crit Rate +50, Physic Defense +5% Antares' Power: [Unusable Skill, INT +14, Physic Defense -5%] MP Recovery +20, INT +14, Physic Defense -5% Magic Helm of Pluto: [Base Stat +2, Magic Crit +2%] Base Stat +2, Magic Crit +2%, Magic Attack +5% Updated worm head accessory stats and names: Powerful Worm: [STR +10, DEX +10, MP Recovery +5] Physic Attack +1%, STR +12, MP Recovery +5 [Smart] Healthy Worm: [INT +15, WIS +10, Health +5%] VIT +15, HP Recovery +10, Health +5% [Healthy] Smart Worm: [VIT +15, WIS +10, Casting Speed +5%] INT +10, VIT +10, Casting Speed +5% [Fast] Nimble Worm: [DEX +10, Evasion +5, Mana +5%] DEX +15, Evasion +5, Mana +5% Strong Worm: [VIT +15, Magic Defense +5%, HP Recovery +5] WIS +15, VIT +10, Magic Defense +5% Updated flower pot head accessory texture and balanced their stats so that all flower pots are useful: [You're Sweet] Sweet Flower Pot: [Health +5%, Unusable Skill] Health +5%, Physic Defense +5%, MP Recovery +5 [You're Kind] Kind Flower Pot: [Physic Attack +1%, Accuracy +14, Move Speed +65] Physic Attack +1%, Accuracy +10, Move Speed +25 [You're Sleek] Sleek Flower Pot: [VIT -15, Unusable Skill] Crit Rate +190, Evasion +8, Move Speed +25 [You're Gentle] Gentle Flower Pot: [Mana +275, Unusable Skill] Attack(skill + normal) Speed +5%, MP Recovery +15, Crit Damage +3% [You're Fierce] Fierce Flower Pot: [Evasion -10, Magic Attack +1%] Magic Attack +2%, Mana +6%, Move Speed +35 [You're Quiet] Brave Flower Pot: [Phys Defense +29, Mag Defense +35, Mana +900, MP Recovery +25, INT +12] VIT +15, Move Speed +20, Magic Crit Rate +5% Updated some PD Belts: Belt of Power: [STR +22, Accuracy +7, Move Speed +30] STR +22, Accuracy +8, Crit Damage +7% Belt of Speed: [DEX +19, Health +110, MP Recovery +6] DEX +20, Attack Speed +7%, Move Speed +40 Updated some gacha head accessory stats: Melted Strawberry Gelato Head Accessory: [STR +14, INT +18, Evasion +5, Move Speed +40] Crit Rate +200, Evasion +5, Move Speed +50 Trinket of the Sun: [Crit Rate +200, Health +300, Move Speed +30] Crit Rate +170, Evasion +8, Move Speed +45 Dream of a Sunset: [Crit Rate +200, Health +300, Move Speed +30] Crit Rate +190, Evasion +10, Move Speed +30 New Brown Cat on Head accessory: Attack Speed (skill + normal) +7%, DEX +10, Move Speed +45 Pet: Added Hedgehogs for Daily Reward crafted from Spiky Egg. Skills: Sword Storm no longer requires any kind of weapon. (tooltip update coming next patch) Increased damage on Holy Avenger, Holy Strike. (tooltip update coming next patch) Improved Saint Shackle debuff durations. (tooltip update coming next patch) Protection Aura no longer gives an attack speed (normal) buff. Fixed some issues with new & improved racials. Revive no longer requires Purified Aquamarine. Updated Item passive icons for clarity.
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