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  1. Orange


    You will lose a lot of EXP, even if you wear exp protection.
  2. Orange

    Mace 1h lvl105 ?

    Here you go:
  3. Winners 1st Place - LaylaCrus Top 3 (excluding 1st place, in no particular order) Faithe, MamaPapaLarang Top 10 (excluding top 3, in no particular order) Otama, iMoonshine, Pururin, Dorabae, Sathi, Knute, excei Congratulations to all the winners! Everybody submitted such great entries in our very first Beauty Contest, it was very hard selecting the winners. In fact, we were having such a hard time that we decided to use player votes in future events of this kind. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, all rewards will be awarded by the end of the day.
  4. wrong send
  5. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, you can press f12 in game and it will save a screenshot to your game folder!
  6. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, monsters can't be part of the foreground and must be in the background, this is about your character's style!
  7. Still has the issues I mentioned. Images not working, tells user to learn shield skills such as blunt shield which don't work with dual wield, doesn't mention job passives.
  8. Sorry for using Mediafire, I updated it

  9. Hi and good day admin orange, i cant send private message, so i decide to send you a public message. I have an oudated guide about swordmaster guide and i just update it, want to put it back in update guide. Thank you.. :D

    1. Orange


      I put the guide back but it still contains outdated information, if you don't fix it I will have to put it back in outdated.

      Wrong information:

      1. tells user to learn shield skills, shield skills don't work with dual wield
      2. doesn't talk about path job passives
      3. images don't work
  10. Hi, please read our account recovery policy:
  11. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, the shot can't have naked characters.
  12. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Remember that other players, monsters and NPCs can't be part of the foreground!
  13. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, we can't judge your character's looks with a screenshot like that because we can't really see them.
  14. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, your screenshot has your character too far away, we can't judge his looks like this.
  15. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, this entry is not valid. Please read contest rules carefully. You can't have other characters in the foreground, this is about YOUR character's style.
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