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  1. A tiny patch went out to the beta test installer that fixes crashing from party buffs. Just run your launcher to download the fix
  2. Hi all! We have the next update ready for the test server, if there are no more major/game breaking bugs this will be our final test. To play the beta server you must reinstall with this new installer: https://cdn.celestialuna.com/cl-setup-beta-1.8.0-p1.exe Your old install will no longer work, you can Shift+Delete your old install or simply run the uninstaller in your game folder. Fixed bugs: You can now use any beneficial skills on yourself in duel When warping buffs re-order but no longer have missing buffs. A crash related to skills was fixed. Quests that do not have tip text (tracking side bar) no longer crash you when completing or accepting them. The game/server will now properly check if a passive can be active after learning it. You must now remove all weapons/shields to use re-skill. Crit rate showing the 95% cap was too confusing, we left it for a future update and fixed the text to show 100% max. Warp scrolls used in the same map now show the correct stack size after use. Other: We have disabled PK in CBG maps and it will stay that way through the update. Notes: We are enabling the same proxies we use live for the test server to mitigate lag.
  3. Welcome! I can compile some basic tips for you, first and foremost make sure you read our ToS for rules of conduct and these account safety tips to always keep your account safe: Useful guides: Where to change jobs and when: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/14546-job-change-locations/ Passives you get in each job: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/31864-job-passives-guide-discussion/ Skills in each job: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/33777-job-skills-guide/ This shows you how your stats are affected by basic stats: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/36064-guide-of-character-basic-status-celestia-luna-online-2023/ This is a compilation of NPC shops: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/36067-list-of-npc-shop-items-in-celestia-luna-online/ This is a guide on item reinforcement: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/33311-reinforcement-guide/ Crafting equipment stat outcomes: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/36119-crafting-equipment-stats-guide/ And now some tips! We have daily login rewards, you can track them here https://celestialuna.com/rewards/ , they go directly to your item mall warehouse. Special tickets given daily rewards can be exchanged at the ticket exchange NPC available in Alker Harbor and Nera Castle. The item mall warehouse holds all the items you buy from the Gem Store and get through rewards, it can be found at the top right of your screen Once you reach level 5 you can talk to Celerian in Alker Harbor to register as a resident (don't pick an old age or weird favor items so your score isn't too low), this will allow you to access daily dungeons (DD) of which you can do 10 a day (resets every day at 12am UTC), it requires 2 players of similar level and gives a lot of exp. You can also do this alone by using multiple clients. The only rule about multiple clients is that a player is only allowed to have 5 active fishers at a time. You can only open a shop in Nera Castle, our main market hub, so all shops can be found there! You can find special item vendors in Alker Harbor (Alice) and Nera Castle (Caroline) that sell premium items for very little that are essential to your travels. These include buff potions, inventory expansions, bank expansions, etc. To use bank expansions you must first purchase a bank tab at the bank NPC. High amounts of gold can be traded by using "Doubloons" which are tokens used to hold gold, they can be bought in Nera Castle near the bank. Use these for safe trades so you don't get scammed. Quest EXP is not affected by rates, you can forget quests and just farm monsters for fast EXP. Don't forget to open your level up gift boxes for useful items! We have a rotation of yearly events with useful rewards, you can find guides on them here: https://celestialuna.com/guides/ You can find special event NPCs in Alker Harbor to exchange leftover tokens from out-of-season events (these get updated often but not all rewards can be found here, some are gated to the event) And of course join our discord to ask any questions you have!
  4. In this guide we've put together all the currently up to date information about possible crafting outcomes when crafting equipment. When you craft equipment your item will obtain yellow craft stats, these stats will depend on the type of equipment and its level. Amount of stats you can get based on item level Stat amounts are random between the possible min and max limits. Min Lvl Max Lvl Min Craft ~Max Craft Levels per bracket 1 24 1 ~ 6 5 10 15 20 25 49 4 ~ 12 25 30 35 40 45 50 69 8 ~ 18 50 55 60 65 70 84 12 ~ 25 70 75 80 85 104 15 ~ 32 85 90 95 100 105 124 20 ~ 40 105 110 115 120 125 135 26 ~ 50 125 130 135 136 150 38 ~ 70 140 145 150 Type of stats you can get based on item category The following lists show the chances for each base stat an item may obtain from crafting. An item will only get 1 line of craft stats, making only one stat possible per outcome. Only the items that are in these categories can obtain craft stats. Weapon categories cover both 1-handed and 2-handed variations. Sword Dagger Staff strength = 35% strength = 40% strength = 5% intelligence = 5% intelligence = 5% intelligence = 45% dexterity = 20% dexterity = 45% dexterity = 5% wisdom = 5% wisdom = 5% wisdom = 35% vitality = 35% vitality = 5% vitality = 10% Axe Bow strength = 40% strength = 40% intelligence = 5% intelligence = 5% dexterity = 40% dexterity = 45% wisdom = 5% wisdom = 5% vitality = 10% vitality = 5% Mace Gun strength = 10% strength = 40% intelligence = 35% intelligence = 5% dexterity = 1% dexterity = 45% wisdom = 5% wisdom = 5% vitality = 40% vitality = 5% Armor categories are for body armor, gloves and boots. Cloth Armor Light Armor Heavy Armor strength = 5% strength = 25% strength = 30% intelligence = 45% intelligence = 25% intelligence = 5% dexterity = 5% dexterity = 25% dexterity = 5% wisdom = 35% wisdom = 5% wisdom = 15% vitality = 10% vitality = 20% vitality = 45% Happy crafting!
  5. Reported Bugs: Can't use beneficial skills on self while in duel Weird unwalkable spot in Red(?) Castle Buffs reset after warping sometimes (which causes your stats to calculate off wrong buffs) Crit rate goes past 95% while under 100% in character stat window Technical crash issue For some new installations the skill bar doesn't render (to fix this change the game resolution or install in a different location) Game Crashes when exchanging tickets with NPC Learning New Skills doesn't apply equipment check Suggestions: Disable PK in CBG maps
  6. Test Cycle Information This test is open to everybody and is on a separate test server that does not affect the live server. You may log in with the same ID/PW to the test server. It is recommended to install in the default location, you may install elsewhere but avoid installing in Program Files. You will have to allow the installer through the windows security window and you may need to add an exception to the game folder in your antivirus settings. Changing between resolutions while a client is already open will not save the new settings for the next client you open. This is not a bug. As stated above you will see your characters with faces you didn't select, we didn't update existing character faces for the beta, they will be updated with the patch to the live game. After the test is done the installation will be useless, you may delete it freely. Breaking ToS while in the test server will land your main accounts in trouble, be respectful of others. Old bugs that were not part of this update that are still there do not need to be reported, while new bugs that did not happen before should be reported. There are no rewards for participating in a test cycle unless stated otherwise. We will not be taking suggestions for this test cycle, only major bug reports, our goal is to get this cycle properly tested and ready for release. This patch only includes the base game and new PvP maps and does not include all planned PvP content. Thank you all for participating! To play the beta you must download the installer here: https://cdn.celestialuna.com/cl-setup-beta-1.8.0.exe This installer is for a separate Test Server and is necessary to play test this patch.
  7. Testing Cycle FAQ In this thread you will find patch notes for all the updates we're testing in this cycle. Testing cycle duration: 2-4 weeks. If you find any bugs from the updates above or strange new behavior please reply here and give as much detail as possible!
  8. Your title might be referring to the removal of active skills from items many years ago after a hack fix since they didn't work unless you already learned the skill. As for the skills you mentioned, there will be a stat & skill focused update later this year. Right now we're working on bringing a big update already. You will see news on this in the coming week!
  9. Test Server & Testing Cycles In this topic we will give basic information about how our test server and the testing cycles that will be available will work. Basic Information for testing cycles: Anyone can join a test when it is open to the public. All you have to do is download the test installer provided for that test cycle. Testing cycles will only be online for a limited time on a separate server, testing clients will not work on the live server. To login to the test server use your live credentials, a copy of the live database is used in the test server. While nothing that happens in the test server will affect the live game, you are still beholden to our Terms of Service, breaking them may land a suspension on your live game account. Anyone is welcome to join a testing cycle unless stated otherwise. Reporting bugs is not necessary but is encouraged to bring the features we're testing live faster. To report bugs on a testing cycle please give as many details as possible, when necessary screenshots and videos will help greatly as well. You can report bugs for a testing cycle in its forum thread. A testing cycle will have its own patch notes on which to report bugs. If an issue is not mentioned in the patch notes then it was not part of that update and does not require a report. A testing cycle will not have rewards unless otherwise stated. The length and time between a test cycle end and an update to the live client will be indicated in that cycle's information. Test installers/clients will need to be excluded from your antivirus.
  10. I think your topic is better as a suggestion.
  11. Mega Fun Gacha Contents Get 1 item from the list below! Costumes Face Accessories Head Costume Hand Costume *Both items were changed to 7% instead of 5%. Pets
  12. Items: A balance pass was done on event weapons. Unique (red) weapons now have a unique set effect bonus. All weapons now have stat rules that will be followed for all new event weapons. Lv 100 1h weapon = 20 max stats, 2h weapon = 30 max stats Lv105 1h weapon = 25 max stats, 2h weapon = 35 max stats Lv110 1h weapon = 30 max stats, 2h weapon = 40 max stats Lv115 Unique 1h weapon = 35 max stats, 2h weapon = 45 max stats PAtk and Matk is set based on default weapons with bonus based on rarity. Arkadia's Staff was fixed with its intended +10 INT. [New] Pink Bear Costume was added! Events: Lunar New Year is here! Lucky Dumpling spawn and cooldown was adjusted to be more random. [New] 2 more monsters were added to the event roster. [New] New weapons to collect have been added to all event monsters. [New] Emperor's Defender, a unique 2h Axe evolved from a lower level event weapon can be crafted, with a recipe similar to Yule Moon. [New] Royal Phoenix pet can now be obtained from lucky envelopes. [New] A new type of box was added to LNY monster drops with a chance to drop 2 unique items, will you be lucky? [New] Weifeng pet, a wind spirit to help you in your battles~ [New] A Heirlooms Set addition is here, a second option for necklace with physic and magic critical stats! [New] Festive Dragon Dancers can be found in town during the event period~ Monster: The debuff applied by Maggots and Ancestral Spirits was changed to -25% movement speed and -55% physical critical damage instead of physical critical damage and physical critical chance.
  13. You can submit a ban appeal at https://celestialuna.com/help
  14. Items: "Magic Snake Oil", "Blooming Blossom" and "Magic Crayons" have become costume runes usable on all daily reward costumes! They can be used on the following costumes and cost 1 Gold Ticket each (unchanged). In addition the next daily reward track will have a glove costume rune. White Tights & White Sneakers All dyed color tights from White Tights Magic Weavers in Blue, Yellow & Pink. Lamia Sakura Kimono Heartbreaker Pirate (New) Winter Woes These runes will give the same effects as they did before, but can be used on all daily reward parts. Hat Rune: Physic Attack, Magic Attack, Physic Defense Outfit Rune: Physic Attack, Magic Attack Shoe Rune: Speed (New) Glove Rune: Attack Speed, Magic Cast Speed Event: Hallows' Eve & Day of the Dead decorations and invaders have now departed. Winter Tide is back until January 20th!
  15. Hi, you can try using a VPN just to patch and turn it off before you click play. If that doesn't work try disabling your antivirus and adding an exception to your game folder and try after that, or try both solutions at once.
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