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  1. Does Log shot give range more for all bow skill?
  2. Which better p.a with m.a or str with int im still confused
  3. are the skill hit one or aoe?
  4. sorry are holy spike bugged
  5. Are holy swing still bugged ?
  6. Hey can on this game add a daily, weekly n monthly login n quest
  7. Can any body give me guide to go to necromancer just with dot only?
  8. Then how about fist user only necro and fist with low damage and low chance of stun, parlyze and other stuff?
  9. how about fist and crossbow user just for 105 job class it's maybe can little stop unfairng to the other player
  10. How about new weapon like croossbow spear or fist?
  11. How in this game add new race a dwarf
  12. Can anybody give me a new drop list
  13. anybody know why when i go to nera castle my game alwasy crash? and my character cant be used again.