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  1. help choosing a class

    I have int crusader which has OK defense and ok when buffed attack. It can grind ok but bosses take forever and normally my pet decides to die half way through fighting them as does my will to live. My str entrapper is good 1v1 but gets stunned then pummeled like a nerd in prison. So i build a cardinal....the aoe poison SOMETIMES hits but for 4000 (4x1000ish) and a long cooldown sucks vs fast casting of crusader and its turn undead does ok damage if crits but then it feels like a ten minute wait between spells and i hate it. I was wondering about making a paladin cuz i read it can tank all at 105 pure str, However i already have guard swordsman knight and the base damage of the aoe's seems kinda sucky and not having an aoe at paladin seems rubbish also. Was wondering if 1 handed paladins are ok damage wise and good vs wookies etc and if the lower level of the aoe is too poor to bother with making one. Also was thinking of making a SA but i read full vit bishop>sa may be not that good also without loads of good equips. I want something good aoe and 1v1 in pve only fast like entrapper but with good health and defense.Any ideas
  2. cant use right click

    i cant use the right mouse button after the update to trade or party invite as no menu pops up? can i trade or invite via hotkeys?
  3. I first made an int crusader which has ok p.def at 4000 lvl 108 with noob equips and inquirer buffs. My problem is the damage kinda sucks,guessing a medusa wand would help but im skint,so i made a str entrapper which is cool but 250 eva so im stuck fighting 1v1. Im wondering if i made a gladiator>paladin would the p.def be better than crusader and would the damage suck? 1.What P.def would i be looking at lvl 105 paladin with just crafted equips and average philo? 2.Also how the hell do you get 300 eva at 105 on an entrapper with rubbish items? 3.I dont want loads of characters i just want 1 that enough p.def and damage to drop my own medusa and gear, any suggestions as i dont want enough it to take 30 mins to kill a wookie like it does with my crusader.
  4. Cardinal question

    Just wondering does the cardinal have a targetless aoe? Also does great heal get as fast cooldown as fast heal at higher level?
  5. Cooldown of spells

    I am trying to decide between making a necromancer,cardinal or soul arbiter. 1.Can someone tell me the aoe of the above classes cooldown before recast. 2.Which has the highest damage aoe 3.Should i go full int on all the above as i read full vit soul arbiter has sucky damage The reason i ask is because people talk about fast casting spells like 0.8 seconds to cast but don't mention the time you have to wait between casts. Its ok if your an int phalanx because you take no physical damage so you can stand and wait to recast a spell.Im 85 atm and having good defense and just using 1 aoe suits me. Venom cloud is 8.2 at level 1 Blizzard is 10.9 at level 9 (didn't check level 1) Meteor is 19 seconds at level 1 which means if i just used meteor with a full int mage i would be dead. I just don't want to reach 106 and feel like im playing a piano with my keyboard by using loads of aoe spells. Soul arbiter has 1 aoe, cardinal 2, but if i have to wait 19 or more seconds may as well forget it and stay phalanx.