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  1. Nanatsu No Taizai

    is it worth it to watch this anime?
  2. Hard Choice

    PS4 or GTX1080 VGA?
  3. Anime like Hunter x Hunter

    anyone know anime like hxh?
  4. Youtube

    anyone youtuber here? i want to ask bout many thing
  5. Jojo Bizzare Adventure

    is Jojo a good Anime? i want to watch that anime but still arguing myself
  6. Photoshop

    anyone pro with photoshop here can teach me? hehe
  7. Panic at the Disco !

    whats your best Panic at the Disco song guys? Let me know
  8. Trade my Sunglasses to other Glasses

    Trade my Sunglasses to your Luvlee (STR VIT)
  9. N>Active Guild n FUN n Helpfull

    Need Active n Fun GUILD English can work or INDO
  10. Harvest Moon

    anyone already try new harvest moon light of hope?
  11. S>Tourist Vacation Hair n Suit

    Sell Tourist Vacation Suit 6.5b n Hair 2.5b

    do u want kynee strike 18?
  13. Buying/Selling

    S> Tourist Vacation Hair n Suit 2.5b n 6.5b WM