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Found 2 results

  1. axe and sword

    can we still use this guide? because 2 handed axe can't use swordstorm anymore and any kind of ''sword'' only skill. i need to make 1 handed magnus ''sword'' to tank and survive longer, for the future nera and grave which i saw at forum need at least 4k pdef?.
  2. About dual wielding SM

    I try to search forum, but dont get anything in question section. So here is my question : 1. What you go? Pure dual wield one type (axe-axe) (sword-sword) (mace-mace) or mix (axe-sword) (axe-mace) (sword-mace) ? *you know/dont know about mix dual wield? 2. Assume i have base 10.000 pa. Every sword training give 0.75% and 0.79% pa. *dont count about the penalty first. If i use sword-sword, i get 75 pa or 2x75 = 150 pa? If i use sword(right)-axe(left), i get 75 pa, 79 pa, or 75+79 pa? How about the axe mortality/mace protection if i dual wield axe-mace? *assume its normal calculation, because i think its something odd about the % in luna. Please explain xD