I'm Stuck!

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I wonder why...


since 2011 i played here

i can't leave this server

yes I played on other servers

more features .. but no future


on and off and on and off and

character stuck at 120+ in the end

too lazy to level up or following events

prices sucks whole way you can imagine


people suggest i should retire

throwing all costumes into fire

play other games sounds a bit merrier

but thinking of it makes me fattier


stress at work make me come back here

wife's curse monthly make me come back here

parents demand grandchildrens make me come back here

sad part is .. nothing to do also make me come back here


well damn you long gone friends

for letting me played Luna and be a Celestian

No more Aalsdehoc nor Fifin nor Akcent

and yes .. this suck verse is coming to an end



now you know how lame I am

but it's not about you, it's me

I will admit something

I don't think I grow up

in this part of life

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how old are you? 30+ something? if true you should stop playing games. . . make alot of baby with your wife. . makes ur parents happy.. earn many2 dollars and bring them on vacations. . .

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Oh? Should I?  B) Games only for youngsters?

hahaha ... I'm sure I mentioned that:


This is part of my life that won't grow up

:D  :D  :D

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