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  1. are you alive or anything bro>>? i've been sending u messages on all accounts but u are long gone

    1. Leblancorafk16


      after a year or so i'll ask again-are you alive?

  2. Helping my friend why his char banned? IGN : FrozenBlood17
  3. Good bye to all haters especially inside this forum, I try to be nice to everyone but this is what I get? Nevermind, from now on I will play passive, no more char reporting, no more guides, no more replying , no more private msg <_< who eats pepper, he feels spicy. ;) You will get back what have you did to me :angry: God is fair to everyone ;) This is my last post, so good bye, sayonara :rolleyes: Haters you win :)
  4. I have the same problem with my TM, high damage but 1HIT K.O from magnus/destroyer. I can only survive in pvp or gvp by using Foil, but they not allowed it :( so what I do is stand back and wait for tanker to go first :D But as long you don't get too near to them and have 400++ eva they can't kill you :D You can try STR stats and VIT philo item, and maybe you can stand 2/3 hit from other classes But rememeber RI have a very very very long stun duration LOL :P + Bluent sheild they can stun you to death! Good thing about VIT armor set is you can use them for your VIT mage :D
  5. Rumor says these two skill also increase cast speed is it true?
  6. That costume really worth? I mean give high stats?
  7. noob tanker here, what s the price of kobold?
  8. Just sharing my day in Celestia Luna :) I can't believe my paladin can tank FITW!!! :49: I only lv 111 and have 5.4k pdef and 21k HP I wonder how much HP this thing have? It takes me 4 minutes to kill him and nothing drops :35:
  9. I have a new job where I can play on my laptop on a night shift. Im thinking if getting a 1gb data of 3g broadband modem at work. The total time in a month id play on would be around 20-30 hours. Would 1gb data be enough bandwidth? I wont be using this method to install patches etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. alker harbor down right now :( my tanker and hitter stuck in there... how to farming now? huhuhuhu
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