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Sniper Guide

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49 minutes ago, ediwow0018 said:

what is good path for sniper

Human path- Ruffian - Archer - Assassin - Sniper?

Elf path Ruffian - Scout - Rune walker - sniper??

Maybe for the elf path go Ruffian-Archer-RW-Sniper
You wont need scout since you will get all the skills/passive/buffs of scout on RW. I prefer Elf than Human because of the buffs and passives you would get on Elf, Elf gives you higher crit damage and crit rate than human.

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11 hours ago, MangEstoy said:

but in human path sniper you got stealth .. and then theres no stealth @ elf sniper

The elf Sniper will have to rely on high mobility (more ms items) and evasion for quick attacks against vulnerable targets, like most glass cannons.

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