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  1. Seraphyre's post in Pets in Item mall and Gacha was marked as the answer   
    All pets have the exact same stats/abilities, the only difference is cosmetic. 
  2. Seraphyre's post in Question was marked as the answer   
    Panzers and Snipers are still being changed, the only things fixed so far for musket types were Musket Training (passive) and musket craft bonuses. 
    Orange has confirmed that she plans to give them a rework in one of the upcoming patches, so for the moment, they aren't too different. 

    As for Crusader, they've had their full rework, but I'm not sure I'd suggest going human unless you really want to, there's just no real benefit. 
    There are two main paths for Crusader right now: 
    Any race - Warrior/Guard>Infantryman>Phalanx>Crusader (best for stats and skills that actually benefit Crusaders)
    Elf only - Warrior/Guard>Infantryman>Rune Knight>Crusader (only really good for an extra stun since you get Rune Impact, although protection aura is nice too)

    As far as Panzers go, each path would be as follows:

    Human - Warrior>Infantryman>Gladiator>Panzer (Gets high levels of HAE and Solid Weapon, no point in going Knight)
    Elf - Warrior>Infantryman>Rune Knight>Panzer (This seems to be the preferred path since you get another skill to use with muskets - another stun, at that)
  3. Seraphyre's post in Need Help was marked as the answer   
    I agree, there's no real point in going Swordman anymore since their skills are restricted to sword users now. Otherwise, you could go the elf path, Warrior>Infantryman>Rune Knight> Panzer. That way you get Rune Impact, and auras. Otherwise for Sniper, you could do Assassin for Human and Rune Walker for elf.

    Sniper is better at the moment since Panzer's AoE isn't working (it's single target). 
  4. Seraphyre's post in Please help unbanned my account.. banned last 2011 due to some issue was marked as the answer   
    It looks as if your accounts have been banned for RMTing. That is a serious offense that results in a permanent ban, and unless a mistake has been made by a member of the staff, this ban will not be lifted. However, you are free to create new accounts and play Celestia Luna again provided you do not break any rules.
  5. Seraphyre's post in How many players are playing celestia luna online? was marked as the answer   
    You can check on IRC if you ever join the #lunaonline channel by typing ".rluna". 

    It'd look like this:
    <Seraphyre> .rluna
    <shoutbot> There are currently 360 people playing Celestia Luna.
    I've noticed most people tend to hang out in Alker Harbor channel 3. I could also use some friends if you need anyone to level/chat with!
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