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  1. Welcome! I see you are a fan of Persona. I, too, love Persona! It's good to have a fresh face in the house
  2. Seraphyre

    Iron Night

    Orange mentioned she noticed the skill does have static damage, so I'm assuming she'll be able to fix it soon. Thank you for reporting!
  3. I'd recommend an Entrapper for hunting, they can get very high eva or even pdef if you prefer. Their AoEs are also very strong. There are many leveling/hunting/farming guides in the forum, if you use the search function you'll find more than enough information. This is a good guide to follow when looking for how much defense/evasion you need for a certain area: I don't know the exact stats needed for Sahel, but it's best to hunt there as part of a group. I know the defense requirement is quite high, so the evasion requirement likely is as well.
  4. I understand wanting to get more information and whatnot, but you really didn't need the snide comments for that. Orange is basically our only content creator at this point, she makes a majority of the changes that you see with each update. It's not a lot, but each one takes a lot of her time. She's working on different things slowly, but we've seen MANY changes these past few months alone. New content in the mall, new map, higher level equipment, a higher level Date Dungeon map, a rework for Crusaders, skill changes for fighters in general, fixed bugged skills here and there, the list goes on. She creates patch notes after an update is released so players know what has been implemented. If Orange were to tell players what she planned to release, and something didn't work out the way she wanted and it didn't get put into the update, it could create some problems. She does, however, give players an idea of some things she plans to do for future patches, such as fixing Sniper/Panzer, releasing a new map, etc. She does the best she can with what time she has, and I think she deserves more credit than she is given. With that said, we are sorry if things aren't moving as fast as you'd like, but please be patient - we're all doing our best.
  5. The opening from Persona 4: The Animation
  6. Most players seem to be just fine playing without getting banned by accidentally KSing someone. Just be more careful, I really don't see how you could accidentally KS someone. You have to go out of your way to click the mobs, and then click a skill. There's a circle on the ground under the mob you click, and the HP window comes up on your screen, so I don't really comprehend how you would see that and then still go and click a skill. Once maybe, yes. But to be reported, it has to have happened twice, since they need to provide a warning and then show you doing it a second time. If you were warned for KSing, I feel like you would have been more careful about it...
  7. Hope everything gets resolved! Thanks for your understanding. I will close this now.
  8. Try not to double post, please! @Dom, not bad, I'll try this next time I make a new character. I have a different routine, I'll see if I like this any better!
  9. We're all as active as we can be, and only certain members of the staff are able to take care of various tasks. We're doing our best. I'm not sure if you've tried this, but we have a Discord now - I highly suggest you join and message us or post in the Support channel about these matters. The Admins are the ones I'd talk to about this topic in particular, so maybe try and message Orange on Discord, see if she can help you out. I'm genuinely sorry you're unsatisfied, but I promise we aren't trying to ignore anyone or make them feel unappreciated. There are many players with so many different problems, and on top of that Orange and Brandon have a lot going on with pushing out updates, creating new content, and getting a good feel for how everything is going on the server, and also with their own lives. If there's anything that I, personally, can help you with, please feel free to message me.
  10. The only fighters I've ever made were all pure Vit, the larger HP pool is always more beneficial than a few hundred more P.A. in my opinion I'll check that right away!
  11. You will have to message Orange or Brandon about your title, I can't seem to change it on the new forums. I can't promise they will do it, as they've got a lot going on, but it's certainly worth a shot. Regardless of what class you choose to play, I suggest you use sword since axe and mace users can no longer use important skills such as Sonic Boom, Spirit Sword (?), and Sword Storm. Those are all fairly crucial to playing fighters, so keep that in mind! Most fighters seem to play as Vit types for the higher HP and defense, then go for Strike and STR accs. DEX is really not a good stat to go for unless you're playing a rogue, you should use your back piece and weapon reinforce to try and get a decent crit rate, if you need more, you can change a couple things around. But it shouldn't be too hard to get a decent crit rate if you have a good amulet philo on a cape, and a good reinforce on a rare weapon. Also, don't stress about strike too incredibly much, it sounds like you'll be going an elven path, so you'll have Rune Impact (non-miss skill). Although, if you can't one-shot people - probable as a 1h-user - then it could be a problem. 300 at the very minimum I'd say, for high evasion enemies you will probably need 350+. Donation armor doesn't quite seem to be worth it - the weapons definitely - but I would suggest just going for a crafted set of armor if you can get to 135 (should be a bit easier with the new date dungeon and Sahel map).
  12. All pets have the exact same stats/abilities, the only difference is cosmetic.
  13. Seraphyre


    Panzers and Snipers are still being changed, the only things fixed so far for musket types were Musket Training (passive) and musket craft bonuses. Orange has confirmed that she plans to give them a rework in one of the upcoming patches, so for the moment, they aren't too different. As for Crusader, they've had their full rework, but I'm not sure I'd suggest going human unless you really want to, there's just no real benefit. There are two main paths for Crusader right now: Any race - Warrior/Guard>Infantryman>Phalanx>Crusader (best for stats and skills that actually benefit Crusaders) Elf only - Warrior/Guard>Infantryman>Rune Knight>Crusader (only really good for an extra stun since you get Rune Impact, although protection aura is nice too) As far as Panzers go, each path would be as follows: Human - Warrior>Infantryman>Gladiator>Panzer (Gets high levels of HAE and Solid Weapon, no point in going Knight) Elf - Warrior>Infantryman>Rune Knight>Panzer (This seems to be the preferred path since you get another skill to use with muskets - another stun, at that)
  14. Locked and moved to Solved sub-forum. If you have any further problems, you are welcome to send us a message. Good luck!
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