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  1. So which class should i start out with? TM, Entrapper, Destroyer, etc?
  2. You can give your other characters items that you have on another character? say i have a human fighter and i get some stuff, i can give it to my entrapper? How?
  3. But i also do not want to die quickly :/. Like if we are doing a boss battle, i dont want to be the first to lose because im losing alot of health quickly, same for pvp. So destroyer then? Im also thinking of going tempter master, entrapper, crusador, paladin, etc. Lol. But i want to start off with the strongest class that has decent/average defense (meaning i wont die quickly) and still deal massive damage and has AOE aswell. EDIT: I also like attacking fast, i hate slow attack animations :x
  4. How about fighter and mage? I also dont want to be dying every 5 seconds :/
  5. So I've read faithless guide and I also read mrmonsterman's guide on the rogue class. Both of these sound cool but I want to know which is best for my play style, I usually like to deal LOTS of damage, I like having AOE attacks aswell. Before luna got shut down and reopened, i was a rogue, i dont remember what path i took though :/. Can someone help me decide? Im thinking of going rogue again because i like to deal crap ton of damage top mobs and players aswell.
  6. Thanks, this worked :D! But wont avast stop it from opening or updating again in the future?
  7. Nope it still gives me the same error, ): Someone have any other solution? I really want to play this game :/
  8. Can someone help me with this? I just downloanded Luna and when i open it, it gives me "unable to get update 08 -2.luna" error at the bottom? Please help :c
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