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  1. nice, seems like that fixes everything in celestial
  2. Luna was acting a little funny...not connecting to vantage saying connection broken to server. i uninstalled added celestial luna to the acceptions list on my anti virus and reinstalled. but now while im in game my "notices" are in a language i cannot read, and the names on the map transfer scrolls have changed ex: naila village and naila harbor, and there is no pvp tournement on my map transfer scrolls! any help?
  3. im building an ar, voyager-scout-runewalker-wonderr but i see guides for voyager-archer-runewalker-wonderr can someone tell me the skill difference?
  4. im making a soul arbiter lvl 97 so far path: wizard>sorcerer>bishop>soul arbiter...bishop for shrew spell lvl 3 and shield lvl 6? cmooooon any good? im looking for a tank with crit spell after crit spell pure vit...allday
  5. how are these mages getting imba physical defence? does anyone have any guides or paths i could follow?
  6. trying to craft the lvl 105 axe or it might be the lvl 110 axe. it requires 1 great battle axe and i cant find this axe!!! any one know where to get the great battle axe?
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