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  1. Hello mr.Sparx please help me . Some people hack my char . May i ask a question mr sparx ? can you back my acc ? My Id is : xXfasteatXx . My last PW is :fasteat .. but my e-mail is not real my real e-mail is [email protected] . Please healp me back my acc .. I miss to play luna :( .. I need My char...

  2. Hey mr.Sparx my acc is banned i dont know why its banned for permanent . i did'nt do annything bad in luna .. u know how manny time i waste for it and u know how manny money i waste for it ? >:( .. My ID is :redviolet My Char name is : Manum1985

  3. Why my account banned but i did'nt do anything bad in luna .. my char banned for permanent but i did;nt do bad !! Pls help me My charname is :Magnum1985 plss help me :( :unsure:
  4. Im good in luna bout im banned permanently

  5. ^^Happy^^

    Banned char

    bkt po ung akin wala nmn pong reason naban ng 426571 (hh) bkt po kaya .. plss tulungan nyo po ako !!
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