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  1. Reiga

    Fighter Int

    oh..what is included in a magic skill on the fighter?
  2. Reiga

    Fighter Int

    hello everyone.. i have a question. can a fighter full int? and i was make an fighter 1h full int. but the damage is soo low.. and why? i hope you can answer me. thanks.
  3. Reiga

    Robe Faust Boots

    everyone help me.. how to make robe faust boots.. i dont know the material or anyone can sell to me???
  4. hello everyone... i have a question.. what is the difference of philo +9 +9 int with m.attack? Which adds more m.attack? thanks alot..
  5. hi.. i'm a newbie.. can i ask.. where i can find a kierra boss & fairy boss? thanks alot
  6. yeah.. how long??? :( I am just starting this game... :wacko:
  7. is this an maintenance? :huh:
  8. Can't log in.. help.. newbie..
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