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  1. Yes sorry thats it, tank dot mage!btw how much damage does venom cloud deal from a lv 110-115 necro
  2. If ita for a lv 110-115 is it good to use tank dps necro?
  3. Thanks for the detail, appreciate it. Would it be better to have higher HP, or higher defense? Priest>Inqu>necro or Monk>Bishop>necro?
  4. DPS like poisons, or Holy taker Provide some cons and pros please D: and which race and path Thank you very much for the help !
  5. I see... Sorc>Bishop is not that good since it has lesser p.def than monk>Bishop and the only advantage is lightning stun, yes?
  6. Ya i know that necro has no stunning skills thats why im asking which one is better monk/sorc? >Bishop>Necro
  7. Would it be better if I take the Sorc bishop path? or monk bishop path? coz I get more P.deffs I i take the monk path right?
  8. Cleric>Sorc>Inqu>Necro (Lightning stun) or Cleric>Monk>Bishop>necro (Fast cast Soso crit dmg) or Wizard>Priest>Inqu>Necro?? (High crit dmg lv1 shrewd spell) or Cleric>Sorc>bishop>necro (Fast cast&stun, no crit dmg) Or are there any other suggested path? Which one is better
  9. oh... you chose the inquirer path. and then you think the bishop path is better?
  10. Elaborate why do you prefer inqu path please? and... why do you think bishop path is better?
  11. Just 1 question, which path would be best for a vit DOT necro, and for the other path, what is it good for?
  12. Which path would be considered as the better path before becoming necro? and what are the drawbacks for each path? P.S : I wanna use it for GvG
  13. So Human entraps hit harder than elf entrap?
  14. Sorry, I meant race* Which race is good for a farming entrapper? But compared to BT & TM, entrapper has the lowest damage output out of the three right? Isn't it better to use BT or TM to farm? and beside entrapper, which one would be considered as the 2nd best farmer? BT or TM?
  15. but, which path is good for a farming entrapper?
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