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  1. Entrapper Guide Maybe Can Little Help For All Of U Entrapper Human And Elf Race What path should I Follow: Dagger User's Human: Ruffian > Archer > Assasin > Entrapper Elf: Ruffian > Archer > RuneWalker > Entrapper Differences between Human And Elf Human: less of buffs and more physical attack. Lvl4 > DeathSign (+8%CritDamge) Passive Skill Lvl2 > RapidAttack (+12.5%AttackSpeed) Passive Skill Lvl2 > RapidMovement (+8%MoveSpeed) Passive Skill Lvl3 > BurningRage (+20%p.a) Buff Skill Lvl2 > Predator (+10%critdamge but Decrease ur Pdef by 8%) Buff Skill Elf: more Eva, Pdef, MoveSpeed, Critrate, Critdamage Lvl5 > DeathSign (+10%CritDamge) Passive Skill Lvl6 > SideSteps (+8eva) Buff Skill Lvl2 > WhisperingStream (+20%MoveSpeed) Buff Skill Lvl6 > WhisperingWind (+145CritRate) Buff Skill Lvl6 > WhisperingFire (+15%CritDamage) Buff Skill Lvl3 > NatureShield (+8%Pdef) Buff Skill Lvl3 > NaturMind (+8%Mdef) Buff Skill Q> why i use Dagger + Shield instead Bow A> its better to use shield for ur Pdef/Blockingrate, and AK-Dagger for (+8%Attack Speed) & (+17%Crit Damage), and Shadow/Diabolic Instinct Dagger only (+17.5eva) & (+23%CritDamge +105CritRate). Q> why Ruffian instead Voyager? A> because Ruffian is for Dagger user, Voyager for Bow user. Q> why Archer instead Thief and Scout A> because Archer job will give u lvl4FatalTouch (+17%Critdamage) Q> why Assasin or RuneWalker instead TreasureHunter A> because TreasureHunter and Entrapper have desame skill, but Entrapper skill are more upgrade than TreasureHunter. Human: Ruffian > Archer > Assasin > Entrapper Elf: Ruffian > Archer > RuneWalker > Entrapper Skill must to concentrate Ruffian: LightArmorExpertise DaggerTraining DeathSign BlindSide LightEvasion DiabolicInstinct ShadwoInstinct Zypher DetectHole QuickMove BurningRage < Human only NatureShield < Elf only NatureMind < Elf only WindBreaking (lvl5 only) DuskSlashing (lvl10 only) Archer: LightArmorExpertise DeathSign LightEvasion Zypher FatalTouch Quickmove RapidSlashing (lv10 only) Assasin: LightArmorExpertise DaggerTraining DiabolicInstinct ShadowInstinct Blindside LightEvasion RapidAttack RapidMovement Stealth (lvl1only) Zypher DetectHole QuickMove Predator ShadowSpin (lvl5 only) RuneWalker: LightArmorExpertise ShadowInstinct DiabolicInstict BlindSide DeathSign LightEvasion Zypher QuickMove DetectHole SideStep WhisperingWind WhisperingFire WhisperingStream Note: you can start hunt NeraHarbor at lvl 107 but u cant max all those skill at lvl 107, so u must max all 1st Passive and Buffs then at ur attack Skill, HunterBlast(lvl15) for AOE and for SingleHit DaggerBlow(lvl5), ShieldBoomerang(lvl5), CatchPounding(lvl1). Entrapper: End Game Skills LightArmorExpertise (lvl25max) Passive Skill DaggerTraining (lvl25max) Passive Skill DiabolicInstinct (lvl7max) Passive Skill ShadwoInstinct (lvl7max) Passive Skill LightEvasion (lvl10max) Passive Skill BlindSide (lvl8max) Passive Skill DeathSign (lvl4/5max) Passive Skill RapidAttack (lvl2max) Passive Skill < Human only RapidMovement (lvl2max) Passive Skill < Human only Zypher (lvl8max) Buff Skill DetectHole (lvl8max) Buff Skill FatalTouch (lvl4max) Buff Skill QuickMove (lvl8max) Buff Skill Exortion (lvl4max) Buff Skill Predator (lvl2max) Buff Skill < Human only SideSteps (lvl6max) Buff Skill < Elf only WhisperingWind (lvl6max) Buff Skill < Elf only WhisperingFire (lvl6max) Buff Skill < Elf only WhisperingStream (lvl6max) Buff Skill < Elf only HunterBlast (lvl20max) Attack Skill HunterSmoke (lvl10max) Attack Skill ShieldBoomerang (lvl25max) Attack Skill DaggerBlow (lvl25max) Attack Skill CatchPounding (lvl5max) Attack Skill ShadowSpin (lvl20max) Attack Skill < Human only Stats: Str - increase physicalAttack, 20str = 1strike Dex - critdamge/critrate, 10dex = 1eva 1strike Vit - Pdef/MaxHP/HPrecovery Choose str at Stats, for more p.a, no nid to put dex at stats because Buffs is already Critdamge and Critrate, no nid vit too because Eva is better, 270eva is enough or 3.5kPdef for NeraHarbor. Equips: must full eva or good eva mix str. Dagger> +12 AdvanceKnife 12+eva[p] 30p.a[r] Shield> +12AiasShield Helmet> +7Helm of Desire 10eva[p] 25dex[r] or Kynee 12+eva[p] 35dex[r] Armor> +7GardenerArmor 12+eva[p] 35str[r] Gloves> +7GardenerGlove 24str[c] 12+eva[p] 35str[r] Boots> +7GardenerBoot 12+eva[p] 12eva/100ms[r] Necklace> Chival/Regulus/Hercules +18p.a[HC] Belt> DS-Weapon Belt +18p.a[HC] Ring> Hathor 18+p.a[HC] Earing> Flick 18+p.a[HC] Cape> KOD 15+str/80+Crit[p] KeenAmulet Costumes: Head> CritSlime - 193critrate, 87ms, 5strike Glass> Any 5str 5vit Glass or Vip Eye 2/6set effect +119ms Hat> Bachelor Hat of Refining - 3%p.a, 35ms Suit> BWL - 10%p.a/hp/mp Gloves> any 5str, or VipGloves 2/6 set effect +119ms Boots> PandaBoots +10%ms ChangeJob Location: Lvl20 Ruffian: Tierre (AlkerHarbor) Lvl40 Archer: Tierre (AlkerHarbor) Lvl75Assasin: Tierre (AlkerHarbor) Lvl75 RuneWalker: Andorna (MoonBlindSwamp) Lvl105 Entrapper: Cindamook (NeraCastle) LvlngMap: Lvl 1 - 10 (GateOfAlker) Lvl 10 - 20 (RuinsOfDraconian/ZakandiaOutpost) Lvl 20 - 30 (Zakandia/Tarintus) Lvl 30 - 40 (MoonBlindSwamp/RedOrcOutpost/MoonBlindForest) Lvl 40 - 50 (TheWayOfHowlingRavine) Lvl 50 - 60 (HowlingRavine/MonBlancPort) Lvl 60 - 70 (HowlingCave1F/HowlingCave2F/DreyedGazellFall) Lvl 70 - 80 (GhostTreeSwamp/LairOfKierra) Lvl 80 - 90 (TheValleyOfFairy) Lvl 90 - 105 (NeraHarbor/GreatGarden) Lvl 105 - 112 (GreatGarden) Lvl 112 -130 (GraveyardOfNeraKnights) Lvl 130+ (Solo DD)
  2. Please banned this player the name was "WarLord" because he take my mob and kill my mob at nera harbor channel 9 at friday morning 08:20 o'clock (gmt+7) indonesian time,i have remind him an he still take my mob and kill it ....thank you ....My Respect (AwanVessallius) and this is the link for the SS http://www.tusfiles.net/wxc7pivvz6t2 http://www.tusfiles.net/r60eafuyzch5 http://www.tusfiles.net/wwj9upviizg8 http://www.tusfiles.net/jgh66sewvsev
  3. if u are need some guide u can visit mine,maybe can help u ^^ ty this is my blog site ~> http://kawanary.blogspot.com Dont forget to follow my site and please leave a commend to improve my site once again thx ^^ your complain is good for my site to improve more than before
  4. Want to reported Character KS Spot here the prove i've 3 ss and he try to set me up and tricking me his nick was SamuelReinhard Job Temper Master whichis use bacelor hat,bwl costume and bring ttd https://tusfiles.net/emctnloj6y22 https://tusfiles.net/wqaxrmge9pr7 https://tusfiles.net/8xrrzz2opgzo https://tusfiles.net/emctnloj6y22 https://tusfiles.net/wqaxrmge9pr7 https://tusfiles.net/8xrrzz2opgzo
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