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  1. Curse10


    Buying Bwl BachePa Crit Slime Fds19PA Phixus80Crit
  2. BUYING L. Armor and Gloves C Int P 20Int 10Vit comment here or w/Note TheLastAirVendor..
  3. Curse10


    Buying: Hseoe 19Ma Bwwr Akuma+12 EDS 19Ma Flick 19Ma Comment Prices Thanks
  4. sorry my first post was deleted..i dont know why :(
  5. Curse10

    Please Help me

    What should I do with this?
  6. Curse10


    S/T>135Bow+13 [c]50Str [p]28Strike=40b or Mage Item wm S/T>NR+12 [c]49Str [p]22Str = 10b or Mage Items wm S/T>SOG+12 [c]49Str [p]12Str 10Strike 24Dex =13b//Mage Items Comment here or Note/Wm: DaysOfSummer Thanks
  7. Curse10

    135 Bow+13

    Selling 135 Bow+13 [c]50Str [p]28Strike = BO Note: DaysOfSummer or Comment here Thanks.
  8. S/T>SOG+12 [c]49Str [p]10Str 10Strike 24Dex = 18b Cheap Note: xKirsten
  9. S>Sealed Coffin 76Crit 75b
  10. CB Set+12 & 7 Total [p]41 Vit = 11b or offer.. HC Mace+12 35Int Philo = 100b+Items offer Note - xybernetix
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