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  1. Dear Fellow Luna Players. I am going to make a new Account so I can Play the Game. I will Let everyone know It's me when I do my first post on the new account.
  2. Hey all sorry I have not been on. Been trying but my net has been acting up.
  3. I'm still trying to change my username to play the game it's self since my username is to long for the game to log on.
  4. I took an old batman mask that I paid like 1 buck for and removed the upper part to make to fit under my hat. if I had a white mask like the anime hero Tuxedomask from the Sailormoon show I would use it.
  5. I'm referring to the character outfit suggestions we can make in the forums I'm still trying to learn how to use the forums properly.
  6. If it's my outfit idea.... I would like to see an outfit based off of Goku's shirt from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series. Have a star of david as the symbol on the back and do shorts that are shredded at the bottom add Edward Elric's automail for both arms and legs from full metal alchemist. and do a Head band symular from the naruto series. Have the clothes be white with sky blue head band martial arts belt I'm think it can be used for the magic users or fighters. Since Goku is a fighter who uses Ki Edward uses alchemy which is a form of magic as for the fighting part I was think a mix from Dbz and Avatar the last air bender..
  7. By character do you mean the first one I will start out with or the idea I have for an outifit?
  8. I'm a newbie but I did play the original in the past. I'm into anime and video games.
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