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  1. when new patch is out sir? there is no other way for this sir? please help me to return my account :(
  2. aa yeah sir if i no use pet is okay never crash , i think this problem is on pet :) thanks sir . oh ya sir , have one problem again, i lost my character 5 years ago i forget ID and Password but i have valid proof if it my character. i have sent ticket to celestia luna but not yet replied. should i creat trhead about this?
  3. aah yeah, i farm with pet and i just crash in nera in other map never crash, please help me sir. i think always crash in every 1x run farm
  4. why every i farm in NH always crash ( celestia luna stopped working) ? please help me becuase i can't farm easy :( , i try in other map is fine just in Nera harbour
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