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  1. Hello ^.^ (My old characters were xoxZoeyxox xxMoonlightxx annd I don't remember the others XD) I've been playing this game on & off since I was probably 13? So almost 8 years! I truly stopped playing once it was lost from Gpotatoe's website. I am so so so happy to find a community of people that still play this game, it'd be so fun to play again for old times sake! So a question I'd have is where do people typically hang out on the sever? When I played a long ago everyone hung out in The Gate of Alker to greet new people (or mess with them), rp, level up together, etc! I'm guessing that isn't the case anymore :c but any pointers are very much appreciated! I just need to find that pesky download button! For some reason I can't find it on this site with my browser.
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