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  1. it only said that I cant recover my account , thank you for your time in replying me . I think i just need to trial and error in log in just to recover it if it doesn't work I will create new account . THANK YOU AGAIN STAFF ORANGE!
  2. Good Evening (Philippines Standard Time) Celestialuna, I am here to ask help about my account that I forgot its information I stop playing this game it start when Typhoon Yolanda struck our hometown Tacloban City, the account I wanted to recover the IGN: IKenpachi i cant access its email and even the user and password I already forgot due to long time without laying this game. My account has a Destroyer character equipped with Golden axe, BWL suit, BWL hair, Panda boots and shoe and remote shop guild storage and etc . I will attached images that taken on 2013 of September . HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME THANK YOU AND MORE POWER TO YOUR GAME! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=666121193406043&set=a.666120330072796&type=3&theater my facebook link where photos are taken
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