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  1. it's 2020 .... uhmm can i still use this guide for leveling? no exp change?
  2. OMG~! this is very helpful... Thank You for the tips...i guess ill start doing what u said Thank you very much
  3. i see...Thanks @I'am Ichsan Thanks @Ban i am having a hard time playing as mage but ill soon get through this hahaha... Thank You
  4. Hello Lunarians :) I'm new player here..any job suggestion for a new player? What job to start with? (i prefer elf class because its so cute) i prefer pve than pvp type What to do? beside questing...how and do's? :) Thank You for the active Lunarians who will answer this oh yea! i just created an Elf Mage Add me if possible: MishyCharm
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