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  1. I haven't tried win7 compatibility but I will try it and see. And yes just yesterday! I originally had it installed in the default C drive. One Drive attempts to back up/sync stuff on my computer and it was having trouble doing so with CL. I thought this might be the problem so I uninstalled it and installed it to my other drive. One Drive is still giving that sync error that I do not have access to permissions for it but I'm ignoring it. When in the new drive, it did still freeze up but didn't crash as often. No error message pops up saying why though
  2. Oh I already tried lol. They all blame the game being unstable with Windows 10, because after rolling back the graphics update fixed the sleeping issue. The blacking out doesn't happen with other games surprisingly! I tested some steam games for an hour and nothing like what occurs with Luna happened with them. I'm honestly so very confused, but I think I'll have to wait it out and hope any future windows updates will fix it. Could be for the fact I haven't downloaded the Windows 10 version 21H1? I read it brought a lot of issues and BSoD, so I haven't felt the need to install.
  3. Yup, in windows mode and the anti is at 0 by default. It's very weird. All the drives are currently okay and recent as well. I guess I'll have to deal with the freezing :(. Thank you for all the advice from earlier!
  4. Hello! So after some time of trying, none of the suggested steps solved the problem :( . So I figured maybe something is wrong with the GPU itself. I found a update and downloaded it and it did work in stopping the entire laptop from freezing and going black but it caused another problem in its steed: My laptop won't wake up from sleep mode unless I do a hard reset. So frustrated, I rolled back to the version before the updated GPU and now I am back at square one with the freezing and crashing :(. It seems any excess graphics/chars/monsters causes the issue. I'm worried by GPU is bad or can't handle the game which is insane as I just bought this laptop. It says it comes with Intel Irisx Graphics. This really sucks.
  5. Hi! So I recently switched to a Windows 10 laptop from a Windows 8.1 with 16GB RAM. Both laptops are Acers. When I played CL on the Windows 8 laptop I never encountered this issue but with the Windows 10, these issues seem to arise: 1. Game suddenly freezes followed by all input to the laptop (keyboard, mouse, sound and screen all freezes and glitches out). 2. Screen goes black for about 5 seconds 3. When the screen regains itself, the game continues on. Sometimes in worst case, it crashes the entire client out. These sort of blackouts happen multiple times each play session if it recovers itself. I've already tried: 1. Changing compatibility to Windows 8 2. Changing the color to 16-bit 3. Adjusted the game's resolution due to perhaps it being too small for my laptops display resolution 4. Ran the client in Administrator mode. 5. Uninstalling and re-installing 6. Attempted to updated my graphics driver. System says they are updated to latest driver. None of my methods have worked and I am at a loss. I cannot even run two clients at once because the problem happens again with it too. The game has never done this on the Windows 8 so I assumed it may be a Windows 10 issue? But I'd love some help in fixing this! Any and all would help. Thank you so much.
  6. I am as well. It says the link is invalid/expired.
  7. Sabel

    Concentrated Jealousy

    Thank you for the advice. I'll probably just trash the stone and redo it entirely.
  8. Sabel

    Concentrated Jealousy

    Thank you, i'll keep trying!
  9. Sabel

    Concentrated Jealousy

    Is it possible to get Concentrated Jealousy a second time? I was doing the Heart of the Girl quest but accidently abandoned it so I couldn't deliver the Evil Heart of Stone. I've been trying DD to get it again but it has not happened so far.
  10. Hi! Is this guild/discord still active? :) I'm returning after 10+ years with a friend and we can't find any English speaking players XD. We'd love to join if possible still, thank you!
  11. Thank you so much for your help!
  12. Hi! So I'm returning to Luna Online after so many years and slowly relearning some stuff. There is one quest from the Bank Keeper in Alker Habor which I cannot seem to figure out. It involves constructing with time? I have to combine Cooled Heartstone of Evil with Bless of Time, then give the result to Hafreban. But I have no idea where to find or get these items. Could I ask for some guidance on how to complete this? Thank you!
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