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  1. Is it the D3D error? That happens when the User Account Control pops out. It crashes. You need to disable that.
  2. Sure . Stop by Alker Harbor ch9.
  3. Friendly! . We like to hang around and talk <3

  5. ℳimi

    Whatsapp Group

    lol >.> start la
  6. wow sir its so rare to see u talk in english :'D
  7. >.> please. pssst english only :< if not later thread will be lock
  8. Nico best girl 8D //runs

  9. ahahaha tgk lah dlu ye <3

  10. nab main dgn sape skrg o:

  11. ℳimi

    question about DD

    no it isn't against the rules.
  12. D: nak mimi main balik ke

  13. babytsuki mati dah :vv la yeke.. bru planning na main balik, ta jadi ah ahahah

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