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Found 9 results

  1. joopour1

    game patchs

    i am new at this server but i have an idea that may help you and the other players you can make a manual game patch i think it will be easy for a lot of people to patch without a lot of "failed to patch version 15" because i am one of them and a lot of downloading problems just think in it and reply to me :)
  2. Hei all players, GM and developers team. IGN : Shallu I have some trouble with my id, when I want reset password, the link reset password who has been send to my email ,its not valid, always redirected to homepage celestialuna.com Are somebody know's how fix this problem, ive already tried twicely resend the reset link activation. but still same, cant be opened. sorry if bad grammar, I hope your all respon as fast as possible Warms Regards, Dhanz
  3. May is ask if in the next patch, wis will give magic crit rate to? And is it possible that cloak of kingdom knights be tradable to since it was removed at the site? Uhhh gms i dont hear any news about the wis stat that has chance to give magic crit rate soon pls. Dont abandon that topic, alot of us hoping for that update because not all pf the mage users can afford BOW or maybe thats the point?! to buy BOW and expect to much that doesnt even has a chance to give that thing? And plus, my suggestion does any pf the jobs give passive? I cant see it in the skill thingy in the passive section. I need answers especially for the gms 😧, becuz its been 3 times since my topic was being ignored by the GMs😢. Please dont just give us new items we need something that will give a big change for the character, its like wasting money repeatedly that most people of celestia know. Why? Because the game system now is just like buy/sell to the users and its really a big impact that alot of *free users* that tend to be newbies to try to play this game, and do you know how hard to be a newbie GMs? The system now kinda ruined!!😢 bully people in the pvp, items that kept ongoing overpriced, and hacked reinforce/bugs that people does now!!! Its like their daily routine now. Its hard to believe but yes its true, GMs should really take action of this.
  4. Ohh since ot was removed at the sit by gm is it possible that it will be tradable for the next patch or something because i have 5 of them and i bought them with ppXD
  5. Does wis affects healing and magical crit rate now and when will magic crit rate will show up in character information(c) answer pls especially the gm because in confused😣
  6. error framework, how to do in order to install the new version of Celestia luna and procurement framework? Please Respon Orange
  7. Gm orange please Reload my 105 Job i chose wrong job i want chose entrapper but i think i chose entrapper job but why my job at sniper may be it eror or bug i have check again before i click entrapper now i am in job sniper please reload my job 105 ID : Avatars2 Nick TheHunteris
  8. sorry , I want to ask , what's the password recovery can still be used ? I had to wait until six days, because I was asked to wait 3-6 days but to this day there has been no new password is entered via email that I use. so how am I going to cope?
  9. gwx123

    Donate Problem

    Why I'm donate already but get less of 60premium point ? I'm donate 20time of 5MYR use Digi SMS but just get 1140premium point only Where are the another 60premium point?
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