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Found 2 results

  1. Per Point Effects of Character Basic Status: ❓ How much PA (Physical Attack) does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 STR adds X Physical Attack ➡️ X = ((YourTotalSTR * 0.2 - 10) * 20) / YourTotalSTR ) ❓ How much PDef (Physical Defense) does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 VIT adds X Physical Defense ➡️ X = ((YourTotalVIT * 0.2 - 20) * 5) / YourTotalVIT ) ❓ How much MA (Magical Attack) does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 INT adds X Magical Attack ➡️ X = ((YourTotalINT * 0.2 - 20) * 45) / YourTotalINT ) ❓ How much MDef (Magical Defense) does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 WIS adds X Magical Defense ➡️ X = ((YourTotalWIS * 0.2 - 20) * 5) / YourTotalWIS ) ❓ How much Accuracy does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 STR adds 0.05 Accuracy ℹ️ 1 DEX adds 0.14 Accuracy ❓ How much Evasion does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 DEX adds 0.1 Evasion ❓ How much Critical Rate does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 DEX adds 1.4 Critical Rate (0.09%) ❓ How much Critical Damage does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 DEX adds 0.3% Critical Damage ❓ How much Magical Critical Rate does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 INT adds 0.025% Magical Critical Rate ❓ How much Magical Critical Damage does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 INT adds 0.1% Magical Critical Damage ❓ How much Block Rate does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 DEX adds 0.01% Block Rate ℹ️ 1 VIT reduces damage taken when blocking by 0.025% ❓ How much HP Regen does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 VIT adds 0.1 HP every 3s - 0.2 HP while sitting ❓ How much MP Regen does [basic stat] add? ℹ️ 1 WIS adds 0.1 MP every 5s - 0.2 MP while sitting Source Discord : CLO on Discord
  2. Here’s a guide for those who have always wanted to figure out their fit for Fighters In this guide I’ll be explaining each individual classes strengths & weaknesses of each class. Fighters We’re going to start with the more heavy side of things. Fighters are the buff, giant ax wielding fiends of Luna. They have the capability of wearing heavy armor, wielding two weapons at once, and getting huge amounts of HP. Paladins - The Defenders Paladins are among the best defenders in Luna, their skill set allows them to take two times as much damage as the average fighter. This class is mainly for taking hits, if you’re looking for high damage, search elsewhere. Their high physical defense makes them a crowd control class for wars and PvP. Elves: Pros: Very high physical defense, Rune Impact *good for stun combo, aura buffs (good party support) Good HP, best stun combo in game. Very high block rate. Cons: Low physical attack Humans: Pros: Moderate physical attack, High physical defense, Good HP, High HP recovery, High critical damage (if from Gladiator path) *This path is best used with swords due to Rage Burst. Cons: Requires strike if you want to be on the offensive. Sometimes has to resort to Double Strike Destroyers - The Merciless Rivaled in damage by only the Human Sword Master, Destroyers are the most powerful class when it comes to dealing huge damage. Best if used with sword (Rage Burst) Although they dish out high damage, they can’t take much of a hit. Pros: Very High Physical attack, Fearful Blow (Never miss skill), High critical damage Cons: Restricted to Humans, Low HP, Low Physical defense Sword Masters - The Agile One of the four classes in Luna that can dual wield, this is also the only dual wield class that can be used by both Humans and Elves. This class is mostly used from range due to its low physical defense and survivability. They are among the few Hit and Run type classes in Luna, mainly used in methods similar to that of the Arch Ranger. Pros: Very high physical attack, Elves: Rune Impact, Aura Buffs. Humans Rage Burst, Level 4 or 6 Risk Taker (depends on path), High critical damage. Level 20 Sword Training Cons: Low Physical Defense, Moderate HP, Dual wield penalty at early levels (105-132), Humans require strike to deal with evasion types Magnus - The Versatile One of the most versatile classes, Magnus is the most commonly used next to Destroyers, Cardinals and Blade Takers. They are capable of taking a hit and dishing out damage. This class has the best skill set for war and support in parties. Magnus is a great starting class for newcomers. Pros: Moderate Physical defense and Physical Attack, Capable of using 1 handed, 2 handed and dual wield weapons. Rune Impact* Aura buffs (Highest level) Protection Aura (great for survival) Rune-Cry (Anti-Hide Skill). Pure defensive Magnus can have more Physical Defense than that of a Paladin with the same gears. (can be very annoying when mixed with Protection Aura.) Mana Vampirism (bugged, but it absorbs MP.) Cons: Not particularly strong in a specific area (except for Pure Defense Magnus), Restricted to Elves. wew look at all those pros Panzer - The Fiesty The only musket wielding fighter in Luna, although it is currently bugged and some use it as a 1 handed fighter. Pros: Musket user *bugged, High Physical Attack, open to Humans and Elves, Decent Physical Defense (path dependent), Ranged if used with Musket, Cons: Bugged, Low-Moderate HP, Slow attack speed when un-buffed. (Musket users) Crusader - The Noble Supporter Last but certainly not least, the Crusader is a class capable of using Magical skills (sort of like a battle-mage.) It has multiple short-term buffs that can turn the tides of a battle. This class is very useful for boss parties or war support. It can tank tons of enemies and also dish out a quick area stun with Holy Earthquake. It has a decent heal and good hp. Specifically is great with maces. Pros: Magical skills, High physical defense, many support skills, has max blunt shield and can get RI/Auras (depends on path) Decent HP. This class is very versatile as it can be made as a hybrid physical/magical class or a support class. Recommended to use an Athena's Mithril Hammer to increase it's physical defense. Cons: Not strong in attacking power, not very strong by itself, can be stopped with Silence. (if magic type) That concludes the Fighter portion of this guide~ Feel free to post information below for me to add to the guide!
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