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  1. As the title suggests, I would like you to list out your best ideas for fixing the economy. If you see an idea you agree with, give it an upvote! This thread is not for ranting. Such comments will be deleted. Thoughtful ideas only. Thank you, Jonah
  2. Chapter 23.

  3. Updated: Added a PvP video for my new path, Human SA. It's lacking audio but stay tuned for updates to this guide!~
  4. Another successful day at war. Forge on Skyforge~
  5. Illusion Attack is a magical skill. If you equip INT items it goes up. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be that way.
  6. The common problem with your suggestion is that the economy is player-driven. 1. Increasing the supply of an item (it has been done before with reskills/restats with the red envelopes) hasn’t changed much as after the event passed reskills went up in price by roughly 1.5b within a few months, sitting at 3-3.5b. 2. Is a decent suggestion, however I would suggest making the scrolls Account Bound. An alternative to this could be something like a questing system that provides gold incentives, and perhaps some custom quest reward. 3. Making gold easier to access will simply make prices go even higher, as has been seen with the implementation of maps like Sahel and Oasis. Players have consistently increased prices to fit with the drop rates. So once again, the economy is player driven and is being driven higher. 4. A good alternative to this would be to make gold purchasable outside of the minimum, or at a lesser minimum than the original. But I can’t speak on this.
  7. Currently recruiting members of all levels. Just join and socialize we’re here for the fun of it!
  8. @Eon miss you buddy

    CL 3.jpg

  9. Oh what good times these were
  10. Here is a good guide for an Entrapper with good evasion passives that make it extremely useful for farming.
  11. Blade Taker (Human): Max Dual Wield (less penalty) Base Movement Speed Base Attack Speed P.A. Higher stealth, dagger training Predator Temper Master (Elf): Higher Crit rate/Eva/Crit Dmg when not dual wielding Foil Each class has the same cons, close-range, vulnerability to ranged attacks. etc.
  12. Good job, been waiting for someone to make a guide for this path!
  13. The drop list wasn't changed for nera harbor and it is still effective to farm in nera, however there are now faster ways of getting gold than just farming in NH.
  14. Jonah

    SM guide level 1-150

    Here is my guide, I will update it in the future once I get time.
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