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  1. Blade Taker (Human): Max Dual Wield (less penalty) Base Movement Speed Base Attack Speed P.A. Higher stealth, dagger training Predator Temper Master (Elf): Higher Crit rate/Eva/Crit Dmg when not dual wielding Foil Each class has the same cons, close-range, vulnerability to ranged attacks. etc.
  2. Good job, been waiting for someone to make a guide for this path!
  3. The drop list wasn't changed for nera harbor and it is still effective to farm in nera, however there are now faster ways of getting gold than just farming in NH.
  4. Here is my guide, I will update it in the future once I get time.
  5. Jonah

    Music Box

    A light suggestion: An item or NPC in Alker, called a Music Box, with the option to change the BGM of the map to any other map of your choice.
  6. Updated to add: 135 Equipment and new accessories. New maps for leveling.
  7. No shade but.. friendship always tops virtual combat any day 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. While I do agree axe needs a bit more love as well as mace, I think if sonic boom is added to axe, what’s stopping a human from adding even more crit damage by using axes on an SM that has rage burst? Because if I’m not mistaken, rage burst does have an impact on all weapon damage. I do believe sonic boom should be open use but have a shorter range for non sword masters.
  9. Jonah

    Tank OP

    While I’ll admit block is quite strong there isn’t much wrong with it at its base. The problem comes in with classes like Magnus, where you can become a tank and still have level 25 sb. Tank is fine as is as it will sacrifice strike and critical rate for survivability.
  10. Jonah

    Reinforcement Guide

    Reinforcing Equipment This guide will list everything there is to know about reinforcing your equipment. Reinforcement allows you to add stats to your equipment, the stats depend on the gemstone, the rarity of the equipment and your luck! 1. How do I begin reinforcing? Press 'S' to open your skill menu, and click on the Action Tab. You will see the Reinforce~ option, double-click it or assign it to a number slot to open it. 2. What can I use to Reinforce? Here is a list of all of the stats that can be applied to your equipment: 3. Which gemstones can be used with each type of Equipment? When you open the reinforce menu, you will see an 'Instructions' button where you can see which gems can be used on each type of equipment. 4. What is the success rate of my reinforcements? Equipment becomes harder to reinforce the higher the level of the item is. Example: A Lv. 103 Advanced Knife will be noticeably easier to reinforce than a Lv.126 Venom Needle You can also use a different combination of gems, for example using Rubies and Thunder Crystal, which will result in a balanced mix of the two stats. Example: Glove with 5 strike and 10 strength. The more you use on a particular item (1-100), the higher the chance you will get a high stat. 5. How do I reinforce my rare equipment? In order to reinforce Rare~Legendary Equipment you will have to use High Quality Gems. The process is relatively simple, and can set you back between 1.5-5m per stack depending on what you're crafting. All HQ's can be crafted in the same manner. I will use Rubies as an example for this situation. 100% crafting success: 9 Rubies 5 Flame Stone 60% crafting success: 7 Rubies 5 Flame Stone 30% crafting success 4 Rubies 5 Flame Stone As you can see, reinforcement is a simple process that can take you a long way in The Land of Blue! Happy HQ Making Celestians!~
  11. Jonah

    Now Playing???

    New album from yours truly.
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