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Found 3 results

  1. Whodoesjr


    What most high eva and strike? Blade taker or Arch Ranger? Thanks for answering
  2. So yeah I'm just starting to doubt my build and plans with my character, it's a BT (Ruffian > Archer > Treasure Hunter > Blade taker) pure STR, the maximum level that she had been to is Lv 115 but I delevel her to be my farmer too. Currently she's at 105. So about the stats (without buffs) (with buffs) she has: Patk = 2896 = 3099 Pdef = 2339 = 2265 Strike = 216 = 232 Eva = 226 = 242 Crit = 441 = 825 Oh I forgot to mention that I've learned dual wield when I reached 115 back then. I knew there is a penalty for it, it's about the crit? right? or I'm wrong? haha either way, so those stats are with shield, when dual (with buffs): Patk = 4888 Pdef = 1666 Strike = 232 Eva = 250 Crit = 825 Though in dual I only have hunter blast [Lv15], smoke [Lv5], dagger blow [Lv10]. When with shield I could use 3 with shield boomerang [Lv20]. Those were my only active skills (I dont have enough SP to learn other skills na ;_;) Buffs: Zeph [Lv8], Detect hole [Lv8], Predator [Lv1], Fatal touch [Lv4], Extortion [Lv1], Burning rage [Lv3] Passive: Dagger training [Lv25], Light armor expertise [Lv25], Light evasion [Lv10], Blindside [Lv9], Shadown instincts [Lv9], Diabolic instinct [Lv9], Eagle eye [Lv3], Dual weap mastery [Lv5], Dual wield training [Lv1], Dual wield mastery [Lv4], Death sign [Lv4], Phy attk speed [Lv1] Items that I equip are the following: I have +7 Gardener set for her and all are eva with the total of 36. +12 AK str 24.2 +7 AK eva 7.8, patk 1.9 +7 Aias +7 Necklace of the living body strike 18. Passionate Oakley str +5, vit +5, mp +50. Eros's accessory patk 17.7. KOD crit rate 73.5. (2)+7 Hathor's rings str 19.4, eva 11.2. +7 Flickering earring strike 13.4. Flickering earring strike 10.5 Frank BWL Panda gloves Panda boots I have +7 Kynee str 21.2 but I can't equip it yet because its requirement is at Lv 106. So for the QUESTIONS: 1. Should I reskill? (Should I not learn the dual wielding things now and what skills [active and passive] to learn instead[!}) 2. When should I dual wield? 3 It is fine having a BT for farming right? 4. Having those stats as of now, am I at a bad state? 5. How to handle BTs (because seriously I dont know anymore) 6. Is there any BT guide here in the forum? Because I cant seem to find one... that is why I'm left with no choice but to post which I'm really shy of doing so kjdfnjksnrgjksd. I've already tried asking players online but I began to be ashamed of asking more because I'm disturbing their play so I guess it would be best here. I just came back after a year or two or three I guess then voila~ I'm at lost. Wish you guys could help me, answers would be so much appreciated and I'm sorry for asking such questions and taking your time omg. Have a good day!
  3. i have something to ask, my BT took 1 level of back break but its damage output is weirdly small @_@ is it bugged, or what? here's the comparison: (it's all crit, i tried this on frost master nera harbor) normal hit 2.6-3.1k shield boomerang (Lv1) around 10k (256 damage in game skill tooltip) rage step (Lv1) around 6k (108 damage in game skill tooltip) back break (Lv1) 1.8-2k (twice=3.6-4k[?] it seems damaging twice to me) (no damage description in game skill tooltip - 800 damage description in luna skill calculator Orz) despite the fact that back break has 800 damage description (in luna skill calculator, tho), why it only produces such weak damage output?? i really felt stupid for wasting 11 SP on such skill here *sob* i know that we shouldn't really on luna skill calculator that much (i've read this some where, about its being only suitable for luna beta or luna plus yet celestia is still luna alpha).. but WHY, just WHY T_T if you guys need the screenshots, just tell me and i'll upload it. thanks. best regards, lovelyfresco
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