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Found 6 results

  1. What the hell is happening with the game's RnG lol. 60% success rate and I even reconnected to try and "reset" the rolls, I don't even know if that works. I swear, whenever I make molds/patterns lately and count my success vs overall trials, it's always below the theoretical success rate. I don't usually complain about it because luck is always involved in these things but this just made me snap xD I'm starting to think that unless the success rate is 100%, it would be lower than actual like how crit rate works. The two images are before and after reconnecting+changing map: I'm sorry for venting, just a bit frustrated, thanks!
  2. Hi I just want to suggest some minor quality of life suggestions I thought of while playing the game: 1. Merge the NPC nostrum/potion (from Alice) into categories to lessen inventory space usage. I know this can be asking for too much because these potions are added to the game already with the intention to help everyone get started with leveling and make game easier. But I think it would be better if say for example, we can fuse the matk and patk potion into just one potion, pdef and mdef and others with similar effect into 1 potion also so we just have around 3-4 types potions (damage, defense, speed, sustainability) that does the same thing as the existing 8 because, who doesn't use all of them at the same time anyway. There are very very few niche applications where you need pdef but not mdef, or where you need only mp regen and not HP regen in both PVP and PVE situations. 2. Splitting stacked items (alt + drag into empty inventory slot). Make the item count you're splitting into new inventory slot default to 1 instead of 0, trust me it makes life so much easier for people that want to reserve inventory slots for looting specific items just by having 1 less key to press when doing this. And if you want to split the count to more than 1, just type any number to overwrite the default 1. 3. Buying 1pc from stacked item from vendors in NH. almost same as suggestion number 2, it already defaults to 1 but it would be better if typing any number overwrites the default 1 so if you want to buy 2pcs, you don't make the mistake of buying 12 because you thought the default is 0 like it is in crafting and splitting stacked items. I've made this mistake a few times too many now when I'm thinking about some other things and not focused when playing, sometimes there's just things going on in life that distracts you. 4. Make clickbox bigger for tiny monsters like salamader, hornet, mosquito, blackhorn hatchling, they're really difficult to click when my character is moving, not sure if I'm the only one with this issue. 5. Add Fairy's Shining Dew in Alice Shop, not sure why this isn't available too. Maybe because the abrasive is also needed for weapons not just heavy armor so it might be punishing for players to craft it from scratch while the thread one is for crafting lv 50 wings to help newbies. But light armor is probably the most used crafted armor in the game (Gardener having bad stats now compared to crafted) with both mages and rogues using it, so I think it's the right time to adopt this change also. 6. Make crafting Seabraced Cloth only cost 3pcs of Timeworn Cloth. I know it's been discussed in Discord already that Robes are set up so that cloth materials drops more frequently all throughout the game and having it cost more materials to craft is to even things out but here's my observations. Farming in NH when I'm not level gap gives me the same amount of Timeworn Cloth as Stonehide Scrap and Cobalt Ore so I don't know how the "cloths drop more" mechanic applies here. Now when I'm gap, the cloths do drop more but seriously, who farms when they're level gap and it's not like it drops 66% more than the others to justify costing 5pcs to craft. Another observation is in NH, all monsters drop all three materials while in Garden and Graveyard there are only one specific monster that drops each kind material so again, where is the "cloths drop more" mechanic. It just seems to me that crafting robes is unnecessarily punishing for something that people rarely use, In my opinion it should be the opposite. I recommend at least equalizing it to make it more fair, make it 3pcs requirement or keep 5pcs crafting but make success rate at 100% or increase Timeworn cloth drop count per monster. So that's all for now and I apologize for my tone on some of my arguments, I don't mean to offend anyone and I appreciate the game masters for always giving all eyes and ears to our suggestions ^^ EDIT: I corrected my typo on suggestion 2, it must be ALT + drag not SHIFT + drag
  3. Hey! I've heard from a bunch of people that they're having the same problem; after the update, trying to craft armor or weapons won't allow you to press the up arrow or type "1" for amount. I checked to make sure all the materials were there plus the money, but the item amount stays at 0 and won't let you change it. Thank you!!
  4. Hello, i have question. How many The max bonus crafting stat on equipments lvl 120 if the crafter lvl is 131 ?. Will i get 50 stat on single equipment ? Thanks
  5. Arlina

    How to craft...

    Hello! I have very silly question but... how I can make my own Gardener set? ^^; I try find any informations via google but well... I found only something about I must drop a sketch from mobs ;s. But what mobs? How they are strong? I must drop sketch and craft item or I can drop whole item without craft? Thanks for any answer ^^;
  6. Einea5mk

    2-Handed Swords?

    First of all, hello everyone! (It's my first post :rolleyes:) I've recently started playing this game and I'm in trouble. All these lists for Rare equipment dont have many 2H-Swords around.. Are there other Rare 2H-Swords dropping from bosses or do I have to craft one? I'm lv.75ish and still having Lv.30 Non-stat Plate and +6 Golem's Grinder (Lv.32 Sword).
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