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  1. Yea I think this bug exists ever since the original server is made. I think another bug that is linked to this is elves changing face/eye color (for female elf, red eye color - male elf, blue eye color) tho I think Orange already fixed that one
  2. Hi Orange! I just noticed this earlier but when I'm hunting Dino at Sahel Zone, I never loot a 2h mace and then I noticed the Black Horn Elder dropping "Wood Lacedon", the 1h mace when it's supposed to only drop 2h weapons based on the Parasus Zone Guide. How come no one has reported this yet lol. Thanks
  3. Yea, I went there as soon as I got to boosting level. I tried sending a lvl 1 character in NH and force closing the client, didn't get deported. Weird, maybe it is related to DD bug or I haven't satisfied any of the bug conditions yet . I swear this happened to me a few times now. I'll look into it more
  4. Anyone else experience this? Whenever I make a new character and send it to Nera Harbor for the first time (I think this happens on maps beyond NH too) for boosting/leveling, it gets teleported back to Alker Harbor if I get disconnected of if I reconnect. Afterwards, I just send it back to NH and no more problems, it just happens in the first the time and will not recur again. It's not much of a big deal but it's kinda annoying having to escort a slow new character in a path full of pirates twice(I sometimes forget about this bug) because of this issue. Thanks admins
  5. Ya, I indicated in my post that I used midgame magic based weapons (i.e., mace and sword ) for comparison. Athena is the first magic/INT type mace in the game. Before that, all the int based weapons aside from staves are Point Sword, Bloody Howler, and Rule Breaker I think, so two swords and one dagger. It was only later in the game that was decided that mace will the main weapon for int Fighters thru the mace only skills of Crusader. I also forgot to add the Blue rarity event mace in the post (I forgot the name) with about 70+% ma/pa ratio
  6. No quest, I killed monsters there, leveled up a bit with no problems until I reach lvl 38 then I crashed right away. Relogged, leveled up at lvl 39 then crashed again. One workaround I found is to not go to MBS for leveling lol. Grind to lv 31 at tarintus and kill Orc Archers in Red Orc Outpost
  7. Yikes, illegal item. I'll try to find a nice H.armor first and take you up on your offer :D Thanks a lot Orange!
  8. Thanks for supporting me xD I mean I accept that I'm dumb enough to make mistakes sometimes but a little safety net goes a long way. I remember back in the day, my lil brother accidentally selling/throwing away his equipped Rulers of Hir glove while farming in NH and he can't find anyone selling just the glove since the costume is usually sold as set from the gacha. It was dumb and avoidable but then again, accidents happen.
  9. Hi, I just want to ask this weird thing about my H.armor. As we know, H.armor is crafted from sketches and crafted equipment will have a default craft bonus stat that with text written in yellow. However my H.armor doesn't have any craft bonus. I remember buying this off from a quitting player a few years ago for cheaps. Could this be an old edit item with edit stats transferred to another or is it possible to craft an item without a craft bonus stat because I haven't experienced it and I find it difficult to believe that someone would enhance this to +13 without a craft bonus stat. Thanks guys ^^
  10. So I tried hunting for Point Sword earlier and noticed a problem I've experienced here for years, the map often crashes when you level up (not every single level up tho), this happens almost with every single character I made since I came back in 2018-ish? Thanks a lot admins
  11. Good day Blueland! I just want to suggest some changes with skills that require Purified Gems (i.e., Necro:Vital Explosion, Cardinal: Turn Undead, etc.). These skills can be powerful but are not meta in the current state of the game and on top of that, collecting gem pieces for crafting purified gems can be tedious and take a lot of time, involves resource management and consumes inventory space. I was just thinking why keep this kind of mechanic that makes people not want to use these jobs/skills because of the tedious process, Basically, why use them when there are other jobs/skills that can do almost the same thing. I propose some few changes that might help lessen the tediousness and increase interest for these skills: Remove Purified Gem Requirement and increase SP consumption (actually they eat high SP already from what I remember) to learn the skills Add purified gems or gem pieces for purified gem crafting in Alice's store to make acquiring them easier Change crafting material of purified gem from gem piece to regular gem (example: Purified Ruby will now require Ruby instead of Ruby Piece) Thanks for reading! :D
  12. I understand, for armors it's really not that of a big deal and for weapons, most farmers are BT/TM with dual wield so they would have to accidentally click a dagger for this to happen, very low chance. I usually multitask throwing trash items while attacking to maximize my Extorsion skill duration it's just sometimes I kind of lose focus. May I suggest another one tho? Can we request to disable destroy item for equipped items to avoid unfortunate misclicks? probably around 0.01% of happening but really annoying too. Thanks Orange! ^^
  13. Not sure if this really is a bug or just inherent with the game's system but usually when I'm farming, I sometimes accidentally misclick and drag one of my loot [weapon/armors] instead of some garbage items I want to throw out while casting a skill. What happens is when I return that item into an item slot, it will automatically equip and replace my current weapon/armor. This isn't a problem if your current equipment is of the same level as your character but if your character is deleved, basically you're doomed. You're 10-20 levels below your equipment level and don't have an alternative weapon that is as powerful. Now you're forced to painfully relevel until you can use your weapon back. This doesn't happen much but when it does it's sooooo frustrating, is there any fix to this? Thanks admins! ^^
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