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  1. Was about to make a guide similar to this :D great guide!
  2. 1. Yes, you should. 2. I maintain mine at least 110%, never miss any crit in NH no matter how many I lure, 100% crit is not the true 100% 3. Nope, dex increases critical damage, the amount per dex however is not clear. I tried my damage with my completely naked rogue character and lvl 80 Zephyr makes the damage difference obvious. Here's my observations: Base damage (non crit) per punch = 164 - 166 Without Zephyr damage = 387 - 391 With Zephyr damage = 431 436
  3. Not yet, you can cast them but they don't explode
  4. I actually deleveled one of my entrappers to get 200 pcs of this and it still took too long to collect lol, it's just that difficult to get
  5. Two years late with my reply lol It's really good but it's not everybody's cup of tea. It's known for it's over the top antics and high quality memes
  6. Hello admins/mods, I was just wondering how come DK set gives -10% pdef in exchange only for 5% patk and 10% attack speed. The trade off just seems unfair to me when you compare it to HB.set/V.set/CB.set for the following reasons: HB set gives you a whopping +10% physical attack, +165 crit rate and +10% crit damage in exchange for -10vit (on gloves), and -5% on both physical and magical defense. Sounds a like nice tradeoff to me, since fighters generally have higher pdef, -5% on it won't hurt too much and mages are a bit squishy so the added damage/penetration kinda evens out the disadvantage of lowered M.def, so it becomes a matter of who attacks first now. V.set gives you +8% physical attack, +5% pdef, +10 evasion and +10 accuracy, without negative effects, that in itself is already a big win situation to me. CB.set is an ideal item for tanks with the increase pdef and block rate, the only drawback is the lack of patk bonus which is understandable because that's not a tank's focus. The +5% matk to me is just fitting to also suit the crusader class which kinda branched out to sub-tank magical damage focused class. So what I'm saying is, the +10% attack speed is probably to give you and opportunity to strike first and kill/stunlock the enemy before he get's a chance to do the same to you but +10% AS & +5% patk in my opinion, won't really give you that much of an advantage especially when you're up against Sonic Boom users (the skill's action speed is really fast already, imagine when paired w/ Rampage Aura which is usually the case). And plus doesn't it make more sense if the -10% pdef is on V.set since the point of evasion is to avoid damage so pdef is the last of your worries. But then again, V.set is not only used for evasion but for accuracy too, so having minus pdef will be highly disadvantageous on that part too so let's leave V.set as it is lol. It just seems that you won't be getting as good benefits for the same price you're paying for the other artifacts. So here are my few suggestions: Decrease pdef penalty and increase patk bonus to like +8-9% and/or retain/increase atk speed bonus (really good for glass cannon bow/musket users in war) Change pdef penalty to increased pdef (+5%?) and retain/increase attack speed (good for DoT entraps) Decrease/remove pdef penalty, retain attack speed bonus, add +accuracy (12-15?) and increase patk bonus to (+7%) I know one or two of these suggestions are a bit OP but I really think it's time to give DK set its much needed revamp. Please also suggest a set effect you think is much better/balanced than what I given above. Thanks for reading! :D
  7. Fast Reload seems to work to me though. My AR without the buff can spam Double Shot continuously when you keep pressing the skill. However, with with Fast Reload, your character completes the skill action before the skill cooldown is over, and your character will use basic attack before shooting another Double Shot.
  8. I'm with you about mages my friend but my point is not about cash items, I'm just using it to back my argument. It's about physical defense of tank class seems balanced or better than balanced now in pvp and doesn't need that much further revamps. reducing SP for blessing guard is the only thing I think is the best course of action for that suggestion :) What I think that should be improved in tank class / 1h users or fighters in general lol is the utility of axe and mace, like changing Cross Slash skill to ranged and for Axe and Mace only, cause let's face it, that skill seems pretty useless when you can have Sonic Boom by using swords.
  9. I mean, they phased out BWS pdef because +10% pdef is just OP, I think that's the reason for just giving 8% for blessing guard, plus most paladins take Rune Knight which has Protection Aura that gives crazy pdef already. The pdef of tanks in the game right now seems already balanced to me. I mean it's not gonna help any more in PVE because of minimum damage system but will only make tanks a bit more OP in PVP. Maybe just reduce SP usage. just my two cents :D
  10. Yeah, sound kinda unfair but if you think of it 2h Staff is actually the default weapons for mage. However, for some reason, Luna devs somehow decided to include 1h staves but most of them are rare and difficult to loot in official server (I spent weeks hunting Grim Reaper which has the same drop rate as Wizardry Wand). Wands or 1h staves have higher magical attack than 2h staves (I maybe wrong here because most wands are rare and have higher stats) and lets you equip a shield for pdef. In CL, they're not as rare and difficult to get so If you think of it, If it gives you a lot of advantages, there must be a drawback. The drawback in the official luna is it's really difficult to get, the drawback in CL is movespeed and mp recov
  11. Not in favor of Blessing Guard giving block rate, Block is an OP parameter in PvP and I think Paladins have already enough if not excessive block rate lol
  12. I can't be the only one who finds this map annoying lol. My eyes automatically roll when I see it loading because I know I'm it's gonna be a lousy dd run. Why? There are two maps with the same circular terrain with monsters spawning by 3's or 4's: Damp Cavern and Candy Garden. Candy Garden is less annoying because monsters spawn close to each other and your run of the mill AOE can hit them all, if you 1hit them, the next wave spawns immediately and you can kill them again fast with another aoe right after they spawn especially if you're in tier 6 job already. In Damp Cavern, you can't do that because one monster will always be too far for your AOE to reach and that annoys the hell out me lol Anyways, this is from the viewpoint of a solo DD runner but same will be true for a duo since the mob spacing is the problem, two fighters may have easier time with this because both can have attract circle depending on their path. Thank you for reading
  13. Basically, if you're TM, go cry in one corner and just switch to BT, people softban Foil and then you lose your benefit in taking TM lol
  14. I mean, i'm not sure +14HCD is not as strong as the raw patk of 2pcs venom or even with dual wield penalty, that's why I asked
  15. Yeah, I feel for entraps since they suffer from the lack of dual wield, so normally you would go TH>BT/TH>AR for Sahel farming.cause they got better damage. In a way, that makes them good farmers lol. D'ya have any idea if 1h entrap eva/str build can 2hit dino with HB + WB if it uses +14HCD? kinda curious lol
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