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Found 2 results

  1. Hello; if you choose to follow my guide, then you shall never have a problem on this server. This guide is mainly for newcomers, or for some who just want a laugh. #1 Rule - Don't hit anyone at PVP Map! If you so choose to enter this map, understand that 99% of the people there are always mad. Players who hang out there will get mad for the sake of being mad. Actually, this game will become very hard on you once you start hitting these so-called players. Sequence of events if you hit players in PVP: 1) You kill someone or someone kills you. 2) They kill you or are unable to kill you. 3) Person you killed brings all his friends to kill you. 4) Person you killed brings his whole union and guild to kill you. 5) If you keep "hitting" them at PVP for a few days ... you enter a blacklist (in which, if you are on it -- you are not "allowed" to enter PVP). By "not allowed" --- I mean, as soon as you spawn on the map and they see your name ... you will be killed non-stop. I repeat, 99% of the people who hang out in that map are always mad -- sensitive to being "hit". PVP map is supposed to be player vs player, but on this server it's more like ... a dictatorship so to speak. I won't list any guilds or any names, but you know who you are! (cough, this guide has given me new perspectives). #2 Rule -- Don't get involved in Open Wars! If you've played on this server long enough, you've probably realized by now that the second most dramatic course of events appear out of what we call open wars (wars you keep open). Sequence of events: 1) You join a guild. 2) Guild gets open war with a big union. 3) Losing guild ends war. 4) Winning guild proceeds to make drama on shout towards losing guild --- shouting "surrender" for two-hours. 5) The losing guild becomes an "enemy" to the winning guild and is blacklisted from PVP (this usually happens because 70% of the server belongs to one collective large union, and between the smaller guilds that remain on the other 30% -- it is statistically not possible to win against the majority). #3 Rule -- Use shout for selling and buying items only! Let's face it... these are the things that will quickly rid you of your peaceful experience on Celestia. 1) Using a megaphone to talk about your life (you'll make good friends for that) 2) Using a megaphone to trash-talk someone (see the second rule above) 3) Spamming random characters on shout It's less likely you'll run into a problem if you use shout for those things, but if you don't want to come off as "annoying" ... using megaphones for selling and buying items is ideal, looking for date dungeon friends, and game related activities, looking for fix wars etc. Let's keep it clean guys. Please note: Many players are sincerely trying to buy and sell items throughout the day via megaphone, I think that was the intended purpose for this specific function in the game. #4 Rule -- Avoid trash-talking! use of words like "noob", "weak", "run", which are trivial but will get you into fights that aren't worth it. In fact, the favorite words of half the players on this server are "run" and "noob" Strategy: Ignore the petty insults and move on, be humble. At the end of the day, if someone takes hours out of their lives to trash-talk you then let them -- because in the end when you close CL you won't be thinking about them. In retrospect, your hater will likely be wasting energy thinking about different ways to annoy you. If I feel like adding more, I will update this thread. In the end, all of these tips are a choice -- so if you don't like the tips and such, there'd be no reason for potential flame wars on this thread. The purpose for making this "guide" was for a few objectives... A. Helping newcomers have a peaceful experience. B. Make it clear as to why we are seeing a decline in player activity by a monthly basis. C. State the obvious, but in a way such that staff will be inclined to recruit an active Game Master.
  2. Chapter 01 Chapter 02 Chapter 03 Chapter 04 Chapter 05 Note: Sebuah fanfict Celestia Luna Online Alpha, jika ada yang bertanya mengapa begitu mirip dengan jalan cerita dari "Sword Art Online" hal ini dikarenakan aku memang terinspirasi dari sana dan mencontoh modelnya. Namun hal ini bukanlah sebuah aksi plagiarisme atau penjiplakan. Setelah hiatus dua tahun, akan coba kulanjutkan kembali.
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