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  1. Silver

    Angry Mom.

    I wasn't aware most of the universities in your country were free, that being the case she should really let you decide haha :)
  2. Silver

    Angry Mom.

    I don't know, are you the one who's going to pay for the university tuition? Depending on where you go, it could be well over $100,000 in the four year cycle. If she's paying for it, she should have a big say in where you go, but I think you should be able to choose your own major when you get there.
  3. Silver

    Magnus Eva

    Yup, that's correct -- the goal is to be a switch hitter at 135+ so you can adapt to many different situations :D.
  4. Silver

    Magnus Eva

    I think that's the best build, we call that the "balanced" Magnus -- good physical attack and physical defense, while maintaining good HP (At lower levels 1-handed, at 135+ switch hitting between one handed and two handed). And yes, because you can block hits with solid shield and shield training, while also dishing out enough damage to kill hitters in war quite easily. Depending on how great your items are, with VIT/STR mix you can achieve anywhere between 6k - 7.5k on both your physical defense and physical attack stat. Survive in battle, kill in battle, run around happily -- life of a balanced Magnus.
  5. +12 Medusa 20 INT 4-5b Flicks VIT 750m - ish +7 Aias shield 150m
  6. I'm giving up I know for sure, I don't wanna be the reason for your love no more; Bye bye ~ I wanna see you out that door -- baby bye bye bye You may hate me, but it ain't no lie, baby bye bye bye .
  7. Silver

    Magnus Eva

    With normal items -- not really. The reason being is your damage output would be really low when reaching sufficient evasion to counter a good portion of hitters. However, evasion on a destroyer is another story -- with the high base attack, passives like rage burst and risk taker, active buffs like warrior form and fighters heart level 7 and 8 respectively -- you can retain good damage while having evasion. Also, the skill Berserker that destroyers get add a bit of evasion so that helps too. The only two downsides to making an evasion destroyer is you'll have a harder time against tankers and high hp/pdef cardinals (your critical rate and damage suffer a bit when compared to a pure attack destroyer) plus the fact that good evasion gears on heavy armor is relatively expensive when compared to its light armor counterparts. Also, fearful blow is a good substitute for rune impact -- although the animation is longer, it's also a never miss skill unless your opponent has over 1,000 evasion stats.
  8. Cardinals with pure vitality equips, including cape -- paired up with BWS costume and maybe even frank hat will give you lots of HP and p.def. Use light armor and max the skill light armor expertise, +12/+13 every piece of equipment and get really high vitality philos on your items. (27+ vit philos)
  9. I liked your colorful introduction; keep it real and enjoy the server :]
  10. Silver

    Dungeon Dates

    It's a good suggestion, bearing in mind the fact that most people solo-DD now and would appreciate the challenge. I hardly see anyone finding a DD-partner ... as for newcomers, it's really easy when it's two players posed against those nerfed mobs.
  11. Yes, FPS. I highly recommend the single-player story mode -- won many awards for that :)
  12. Yes, not all the time of course; party war would be something I'd like to see as well :)
  13. we really need more English speaking guilds, I really hope you succeed and have fun at the same time :)
  14. Silver

    Need Help Huhu

    This happens for many reasons. 1. If the GPU (video card) in your computer has low ram associated with it, then you won't be able to run multiple celestia clients as that's too much for your graphics card to handle ... seems like you're running windows xp and might have dated hardware. 2. Update to the latest version of DirectX by microsoft, google it and you can easily find a link. Your issue will likely be solved via this method seeing that the error is direct x related. 3. You have installed incorrect graphics drivers for the graphics card in your system (I had this issue before). In this case, removing the bad driver and installing the correct one will solve the issue. I wouldn't advise doing this, unless you have an AMD/ATI/Nvidia graphics card in your system ... as those are easy to find on the respective company websites. 4. Rarely, if your graphics card driver has an update ... it fixes bugs like these. I believe point #2 is likely your problem, but it could as well be the limitations of your hardware like Orange said earlier.
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