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  1. Introduction: Hello Guys! im here to introduce my Dual Sword User's SwordMaster,, Swordmaster is known as the range killer fighter, because in all job swordmaster is the only have the max lvl25 Sonic Boom and lvl5 Double Sonic Blast. they can also use Sword in there both hands called Dual Wield.. This path i choose below is the best path to build balance SwordMaster. before we start ill tell you the most important difference between human and elf for Swordmaster, human have the more physical attack and critdamage but they have no miss skill so you need to build 2 set for this strike set and your main set, while elf have RuneImpact skill which is very useful for eva opponent(no miss skill), and i will show a have video and pictures below my swordmaster elf and human stats in the same equipment.. SwordMaster with Dual Sword Human and Elf For Human: Fighter - Warior - Infantryman - Gladiator - SwordMaster For Elf : Fighter - Warior - Infantryman - RuneKnight - SwordMaster Skills differences between race Human: have more physical attack and crit damage Active Skills BurningRage (20% p.a) Lash (23hp.rec/sec) Passive Skills lvl20 2handsTraining (30% p.a, wont work on dualwield) lvl20 SwordTraining (15.25% p.a) lvl6 RiskTaker (38%p.a) RageBurst (21%critdamage) Elf: have more strike, attackspeed and physical defence, RuneImpact(no miss skill) Active Skills RuneImpact (no miss skill) Rampage Aura (18% attackspeed and 6str) Accuracy Aura (15strike and 6dex) Shield Aura (15pdef and 6vit) Spirit Sword (Sleep skil) Spirit Aid (1k hp heal 10sec cooldown) NatureShield (8%pdef) Passive Skills lvl15 2handsTraining (22.5% p.a, wont work on dualwield) lvl15 SwordTraining (11.50% p.a) lvl2 RiskTaker (26%p.a) Sword Accuracy (10strike) Human: they can torn different kind of job even if their opponent are shielder user.. but they have no anti eva attack skill so you need two sets of equips for this. which is the 1st set is your main set, and the 2nd set is strike set.. for building max strike 450 is enough.. Elf: elf can build balance patk and pdef.. they known as anti rogue because of its skill RuneImpact, and they also have a SpiritSword which is usefull for mage and magnus on war. where RuneImpact is for no miss skill, SpiritSword is a SleepSkill.. Equips: equips for lvlng purpose we will use two hands sword to make it easy for lvlng, lvl1 to lvl75 for sets buy any armors and weapon on npc that fit on your lvl and upgrade it by enchanting and put Reinforce.. when you reach lvl80 use 3/3 SevenGuardian Set and any accesories that add vit until it reach to 105, and h.set for lvl105.. read below for final set Tips: for levelng purpose use two hands sword or axe and make your stats to Full Vit for survival and items must be str mix dex/agi, and also use RuneMaster(elf mage buffer) to make more easy for levelng, at lvl 125 you may start to learn the dualwield, you dont need to reskill here, read below for more information. Fighter: Active Skills Max Crash Blow Max Uppercut Max Fighter's Heart Max Burning Rage Passive Skills Max Two-Handed Training Max Sword Training Max Enhanced HP Warior - AlkerHarbor Wiff(Knights Party) Active Skills: Max Crash Blow Max Uppercut Max Wheel Wind Max Fighter's Heart Max Warrior Form Max Burning Rage Passive Skills Max Two-Handed Training Max Sword Training Max Risk Taker Infantryman - AlkerHarbor Wiff(Knights Party) Active Skills Level 1 Attract Circle Max Blessing Guard Max Heal Passive skills Max Heavy Armor Expertise Max Troopership Max Blood Leak Max Enhanced HP Gladiator - For Human only - TheGateOfAlker Rien(Patrol Party) Active Skills Max Burning Crash Max Earthquake Max Wheel Wind Max Fighter's Heart Max Warrior Form Passive Skills Max Risk Taker Max Rage Burst Max Two-Handed Training Max Sword Training Max Sword Rapidity RuneKnight - For Elf Only - AlkerHarbor Celerian(Family Manager) Active Skills Max Rampage Aura Max Accuracy Aura Max Shield Aura Max Rune Impact Max Burning Crash Max Earth Quake Max SwordStorm Max Sword Training Spirit Sword Nature Shield SwordMaster - NeraCastle Cindamook(sage) Active Skills Max Sonic Boom Max Double Sonic Blast Max Spinning Sword Max Sword Storm Max Rune Impact (Elf only) Max Spirit Sword (Elf only) Max Fighters Heart Max Warrior Form Max Blessing Guard Max Rampage Aura (Elf only) Max Accuracy Aura (Elf only) Max Shield Aura (Elf only) Max Nature Shield (Elf only) Max Berserker Max Shield Barrier Max Burning Rage (Human only) Max Lash (Human only) Max Spirit Aid (Elf only) Max Heal lvl1 Attract Circle Passive Skills Max Sword Training Max Rage Burst (Human only) Max Sword Accuracy (Elf only) Max Risk Taker Max Dual Wield Training Max Dual Wield Accuracy Max Dual Wield Mastery Max Heavy Armor Expertise Max Sword Rapidity Max Toopership Max Blood Leak Max Enhanced HP This is my SwordMaster Skills Human and Elf at lvl140.. BluntShield,EarthWave,WheelWind and OneHands/TwoHands Training won't work when you are on dual wield, main reason i have them for leveling purpose and also SolidShield buff wont work on dualwield, when you reach lvl140 you have enough of sp to learn all important skill in both duad wield and twohandsword user thats why you dont need to reskill.. Most Important Skill to Learn for Human SwordMaster.. when at lvl 140 Most Important Skill to Learn for Elf SwordMaster.. when at lvl 140 Attack Skill: for dual wield use Sonic Boom and Double Sonic Blast for range Single shot, Rune Impact for Elf only(no miss skill), for AOE SwordStorm and Spinning Sword. for two hands use Burning Crash for melee Single Shot, EarthWave for Range single shot, for AOE Earthquake(Stunn) and Wheelwind, skill on dual wield can use in twohands user too.. Skill Combo: for Duel or Player vs Player(PVP) and for hunting boss for human with Dual User Sonic Boom > Double Sonic Blast and repeat, for human 2hands User Burning Crash > Earthquake > Sonic Boom > Double Sonic Blast and repeat. for Elf Dual User Rune Impact > Sonic Blast > Double Sonic Blast and repeat. for Elf 2hands User Rune Impact > Sonic Boom > Burning Crash > Eearthquake and repeat.. for group of monsters and you are 2hands user for Human/Elf Attract Circle > Earthquake > Swordstorm > Wheelwind > Spinning Sword and repeat to earthquake. for dual user Attract Circle > Swordstorm > Spinning Sword and repeat Stats: for war i prefer to your stats to full dex, Items must be str mix dex for better damage. Str - increase physicalAttack, 20str = 1strike Dex - increase critdamge/critrate, 10dex = 1eva 1strike Vit - increase Pdef/MaxHP/HPrecovery Map for lvlng. 1-10: Gate of alker 10-20: Ruins of Draconian/Zakandia Outpost 20-30: Tarintus/Moon Blind Forest 40-50: The Way to Howling Ravine/Howling Ravine 50-60: Howling Ravine/Dryed Gazell Fall 60-70: Howling Caves 1F & 2F 70-80: Ghost tree Swamp/Lair of Kierra 80-90: The Valley of Fairy 90-100: The Valley of Fairy/Nera Harbor 100-110: Nera Harbor 110-120: Garden (Mantis/Maggots) 120-130: Graveyard of Nera Knights (at tombstones) 130+: Solo DD Outfit Costume Head: Crit Slime +193critrate 47ms Glass: Any 5str 5vit glass Hat: Bachelor +p.a 3%p.a 35ms Suit: Black Widow leather(BWL) +10%pa,ms,hp,mp Gloves: Panda Glove +3dex 5%attack speed Shoes: Panda Boots +10%movement speed Cape: Phixus 19str/dex or 90crit[p] +1%p.a 150ms Items must be str mix dex, for helmet armors gloves boots at least +12 for your physical defence, accesories such as ring earing necklace it doesnt matter if its +12(+7accesories is ok to wear its only add magical deff) for weapon +13/12 for your damage.. Helmet: Kynee 20str 10dex[p] 35dex[r] or t.helm 13str[p] 35dex[r] Armor: H.Armor 24str[c] 20str mix 10dex[p] 35str[r] Boots: lvl115 shoes(Heavy Armor) 30str[c] 20str mix 10dex[p] 25dex[r] Gloves: HB Gloves 20str mix 10dex[p] 35str[r] Necklace: HB Neck 19pa[p] 700hp[r] or HB-Neck 30str[p] 700hp[r] Ring: 2pcs Hathor 30str[p] 20hp rec[r] Earing: 2pcs EOD 19pa[p] 20mp rec[r] or 2pcs Hege 30str[p] 20mp[r] Belt: DS-Weapon 19pa[p] Weapon: 2pcs +13DeathMaker 30str[c] 20str mix 10dex[p] 20pa[r] or 2pcs +13Captain's Article's Sword(CAS) 20str mix 10dex[p] 30pa[r] Sword: the difference between DeathMaker and CaptainArticleSword, +14DeathMaker is equivalent to +13CaptainArticleSword, DeathMaker have 30 stats total can be str/dex/vit. CaptainArticleSword have 20str 20dex, with a total of 40stats.. Accesories: base on my experience wearing 30str is better than wearing 20.0pa for accesories of Swordmaster human/elf. but if you have any accesories with 25str and mix 10agi and yes its much better.. on my swordmaster 23str is equivalent to 20pa for accesories i think its varies on your equips and your stats on how many str you have.. but on my destro 20p.a is equivalent to 45str on its accesories.. Dual: when i start use dual wield on my swordmaster?, you can start use the dual wield at lvl125. note if you use dual wield theres a lot of penalty in your strike/eva/critrate and PhysicalAttack which is usefull for levelng. so if you reach lvl 105 already dont learn the Dual Wield. you will only gonna suffer for lvlng if you immediately use it at lvl105 without any good equips.. lvl133 is the lvl where you can max the dual wield.. and also i didnt use reskill on my swordmaster until it reach to lvl 140.. Equips: for those who want to build balanced pdef/pa for Swordmaster.. this path that i choose have the everything we need to boost your damage and hp.. you may build balance by alternating your equips to vit.. but i prefer for building balance not to use chivalry.. its still better to use HB-Set to boost your damage, why? using chivalry will boost your p.a and pdef but inner out of your damage is weak.. you may use HB-Set instead and equips must vit craft/rein/philo or you may choose vit on your stats.. Build Stats: About my SwordMaster.. My SwordMaster human/elf have desame equips, which i build 13k/12k physical attack with a total 450+ dex on stats, and total of 200vit.. i build pure hitter for my sword master, and i can kill different kind of job in just one single shot.. this photo is only an idea how to build your stats.. As you can see on this photo's above i have only 1k critrate, because my Sword reinforce 30p.a instead of 120critrate, and my Phixus is 19str instead of 90crit cuz i build pure stats on my Characters. i have no problem with my critrate because i use rm buffs(RuneMaster elf mage) for war which increase my critrate and also my powers :D(i have no edit items at this photo i show above, so normal player just like me can build SwordMaster just like this) and i also have a video of my swordmaster stats.. at the first video below im gonna show you how powerfull is my swordmaster human when they turn into a supersaiyan? well everyone can turn to it, its just only a full buffs :D.. my Sword is Captain Article Sword it's a rare onehand sword for lvl100 with a 20dex 20str.. at second video below at this guide my SwordMaster Elf will gonna show you my Captain Article Sword(CAS) this Elf Mage have a big role on your career from the beginning to the end of your game, path must be Wizard > Sorcerer > Bishop > RuneMaster.. this mage is only your buffer.. http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/3491-fees-graceful-or-painful-rm/ I also published a Guide of Destroyer for 2hands Sword and Entrapper Elf/Human best for farming http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/24401-successful-2hands-sword-users-destroyer-guide/ http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/24547-best-job-for-farming-gold-in-nera-harbor-elf-human-entrapper-guide/ Hope this helps! If you have any question about it just comment Thanks for reading! All Rights Reserved © COPYRIGHT PROTECTED .stealing is illegal.
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