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  1. Hi and good day admin orange, i cant send private message, so i decide to send you a public message. I have an oudated guide about swordmaster guide and i just update it, want to put it back in update guide. Thank you.. :D

    1. Orange


      I put the guide back but it still contains outdated information, if you don't fix it I will have to put it back in outdated.

      Wrong information:

      1. tells user to learn shield skills, shield skills don't work with dual wield
      2. doesn't talk about path job passives
      3. images don't work
  2. just go pure vit until you reach lvl130 or its up to you, the reason why i prefer pure vit because this is the level were theres no place for lvlng. except solo dd. but its up to you if you have a good equips you may go to full dex..
  3. and when you reach lv 130, you have to dd at lv range 81 ~ 100 or there's actually more than that ? DD only.. for range 81-100 I just upgraded Spirit Sword to lv 16, does the spirit sword need to be maxed or stop at certain skill lv ? Lvl16 is enough, but before you max spirit sword you may atleast focus on your passive,buff skill, for attack skill double sonic blast, sonic boom max them all if possible
  4. destroyer have a lot of skill to focus.. which heavy weapon accuracy is not very important skill, if you want to save sp you may learn it if you max already all your important passive and active skill.. (heavy weapon accuracy max lvl10 +15strike)
  5. theres a pinned necromancer on Guide at mage section.. heres the link? http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/forum/24-mages/ for building imba or 30k hp just use vit set xD..
  6. do you mean if youll gonna buy a costume theres a lot of option to choose. for example if you will buy a Pajamas suit theres an option that you will choose the set effect of BWL for 250pp, or 15%ms/hp/mp for 20pp or 30gp, or the set effect of 5/5 20pp or 30gp.. and i think this kinda cool, so player will have a different kind of looks or outfit..
  7. did you already finish quest on npc named farouks from alker harbor? if you finish that quest you will gain small wings for lvl25 :D.. nothing i just mention cuz that wing is cool <3
  8. i realy have no idea how much price now. i think 12+ms philo not sure. u can philo it for 10eva instead? or you may ask your friends about helios sorry :D
  9. yes ofc.. but you know how difficult now to have an equips that fit on your character.. and i believe that you worked hard to build dat.. you can now send it to war :) and good luck God Bless every player
  10. they use helm of helios for ms. helios have 11str and 64ms, and building ms is much better so you would be able to catch stun.
  11. its just the same sir.. on video below in just 4mins i got fullbag at lvl 105.. if you realy want to loot faster try to develop your items for your entrapper, atleast you can kill in just 1hit? or use RM buffs..
  12. HB-Set or HiddenBlade good for fighters and rogue.. for better damage and critrate. and its more cheaper than chivalry :D
  13. Update,, you only have 2 skill for attack from path Ruffian to Archer.. for your aoe windbreaking and for singlehit duskslashing..
  14. yes its better i think its more cheaper if you wear v-set.. and its better for eva for your entrapper use 2/2 v-set + 2/3 of g-set.. but if you wear 3/3 of g-set it add you a 85critrate..
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