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Found 3 results

  1. Evasion

    dual wield dagger

    should i use AK + AK? or AK + 135 dagger ?
  2. I try to search forum, but dont get anything in question section. So here is my question : 1. What you go? Pure dual wield one type (axe-axe) (sword-sword) (mace-mace) or mix (axe-sword) (axe-mace) (sword-mace) ? *you know/dont know about mix dual wield? 2. Assume i have base 10.000 pa. Every sword training give 0.75% and 0.79% pa. *dont count about the penalty first. If i use sword-sword, i get 75 pa or 2x75 = 150 pa? If i use sword(right)-axe(left), i get 75 pa, 79 pa, or 75+79 pa? How about the axe mortality/mace protection if i dual wield axe-mace? *assume its normal calculation, because i think its something odd about the % in luna. Please explain xD
  3. Regaia

    Dual Wield Human

    So I just realy realy curious here :wacko: What job that human can take as dual wield? Because I've met somebody in game year ago while he was dual wielding And I asked about his job, and he was said "DESTROYER" is that true that destro can go dual wield? if is not, what else human can use dual wield? Only magnus and swordmaster?
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