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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, This Guide will help new players who are not sure what skills to use or what path to take, but want to make some gold. I have picked this path for the reason that it seems easier to use and has more benefits. This path is useful because it utilizes [Path of the Entrapper lvl 4], that gives an Increase of 40 evasion. Usually evasion is harder to get on most items, but instead having to use philosopher stones, the player can rely on passives, equipments, and buffs to get the evasion needed to farm. Full Primary stat: DEX Entrapper's Path -Rogue(1-19) > Ruffian(level 20) > Scout(level 40) > Treasure Hunter(level 75) > Entrapper(level 105) Advantage: -Higher Evasion -Balanced Defense and Attack Disadvantage: -Might need extra buffs for 1 hitting if equipment is bad(bad reinforcement/Philo) Rogue(1-19): Passives: -Dagger Training(level 5 max) -Light Evasion(level 2 max) -Blindside(level 1 max) -Deathsign(level 1 max) -Burning Rage(level 1 max) Skills: -Zephyr(level 1 max) -Dusk Slashing(level 5 max) -Burning Rage(level 1 max) Ruffian(level 20): Passives: -Dagger training(level 5~10) -Light Evasion(level 2~4) -Blindside(level 1~2) -Shadow Instinct(level 2 max) -Diabolic Instinct(level 2 max) Skills: -Burning Rage(level 1~2) -Zephyr(level 1~2) -Detect Hole(level 2 max) -Quick Move(level 1 max) -Dusk Slashing(level 5~10) -Wind Breaking(level 5 max) Scout(level 40): Passives: -Light Evasion(level 4~5) -Blindside(level 2~3) -Deathsign(level 1-3) -Shadow Instinct(level 2~3) -Diabolic Instinct(2~3) -{Optional} Light Armor Expertise Skills: -Zephyr(level 2~3) -Quick Move(level 1~2) -Fatal Touch(level 2 max) -Side Step(level 4 max) -Whispering Wind(level 4 max) -Rage Step(level 10 max) -Rapid Slashing{Dusk Slashing}(level 10~15) -{Optional} Mana Control (max) -{Optional} Enhanced MP(max) Treasure Hunter(level 75): Passives: -Dagger Training(level 10~20) -Light Evasion(level 5~9) -Blindside(level 3~6) -Shadow Instinct(level 3~6) -Diabolic Instinct(level 3~5) Skills: -Zephyr(level 3~6) -Detect Hole(level 2~6) -Hunter Blast(level 15 max) -Quick Move(level 2~5) -Dagger Blow(level 10) -Extortion(level 2 max) -Rage Step(level 10~15) -Wind Breaking(level 5~10) -{Optional} Stealth(level 1) Entrapper(level 105): Passives: -Light Evasion(level 9~10) -Shadow Instinct(level 6~7) -Diabolic Instinct(level 5~7) -Blindside(level 6~8) Skills: -Extortion(level 2~4) -Zephyr(level 6~8) -Burning Rage(level 2~3) Recommended Equipments for farming: vestige set(artifact set), AK(Advance Knife), Gardener boot and armor, kynee/Helm of helios, harthor and sektment(rings),Gemini+Castor/Hegemonic Rainbow earrings.. Once you have made it to 105, you can delevel and continue to farm at Near Harbor, If you use the right equipment you will have no problem 1 hitting all the mobs(except for bosses) in Nera Harbor. but there is a limit on the number of skills obtained at level 105 for the reason that there would not be enough SP(Skills Points), if you would like to get more skills I recommend going up to level 110-120. Skill & Passives for people who pass 105(That i recommend :D)~ -Max Dagger Training -Max Quick Move -Max Detect Hole -Max Hunter Bomb -Max Dagger blow -Max Wind Breaking !~If people ask for it, I will try to make a guide about where to get certain equipment, and where the best places to level up and most exp are located. i hope my guide was useful to you :'D
  2. Hello I am MrMonsterMan, I have played luna since gpotato and rouge has always been my favorite class. Your path will be ruffian>archer>assassin>entraper Let me explain why you should take this path. Why would you take this path? You get amazing damage and evasion from assassin and the highest level extortion from entraper. This makes this the best farming class, and although it is good at GW and PVP there are better classes. This is mostly jusst for farm Stats: I recommended putting all of your stats into STR if you have evasion gear, and DEX if you have STR gear. I prefer STR with evasion gear. Why to take each job change RUFFIAN: This gives you the skills you need to get to 75, if you take voyager you will have no dagger skills and archer is just the upgrade anyways. ARCHER: This class will give you buffs and passives you will not get from assassin. ASSASSIN: This class gives amazing passives and buffs that will make farming much easier. Many say take elf class and go rune walker for the buffs. Why go rune walker and get buffs that are just as good as Assassins buffs, but assassin has better passives? The only real advantage of elf is foil for PVP/GW which you don't need to farm... if you wanna have foil for PVP/GW go TM instead Entrapper: This is the class that gives you the bombs and extortion for farming. Hunter blast is a strong aoe, and dagger blow does insane damage at range. Shield boomerang is good for stunning bosses. Skills to get at each job Rouge zephyr max this dagger training max this blind side max this light armor max this light evasion max burning rage max this death sign max this Ruffian wind breaking max this zephry max this burning rage max this dagger training max this light evasion max this blind side max this shadow instinct max this diabolic instinct max this Archer zephry max this blind side max this fatal touch max this death sign max this light armor experience light evasion Assassin death blow max this (nuke) wind breaking max this (your only aoe) blind side max this death sign max this rapid attack max this light armor experience max this stealth lvl 2 detect hole max this light evasion max this dagger training max this shadow instinct max this diabolic instinct max this predator max this Entrapper reskill here rage step max this wind breaking max this dagger blow max this shield boomerang max this hunter blast max this zephyr max this extortion max this blind side max this death sign max this light armor max this stealth lvl 2 detect hole max this light evasion max this dagger training max this shadow instinct max this diabolic instinct max this burning rage max this hunter smoke max this Gear for 106+: Necklace: Get chiv with + p attack but if you cant afford Hercules will work Belt: Fierce Dragon Slayer Armour: G. set should have Evasion with STR Rings/ear rings: 2 Hathors with evasion and your choice of ear ring with evasion Dagger: +12 AK with STR Helm: Kynee with evasion or STR Costumes Cape: Use KoD unless you already have max crit and evasion without it, then use phixus Head: p. batch with p. attack Body: BWL Gloves: any glove that give +500hp Boots: Panda boots Head: Critical slime Glasses: any +5 str/vit Why not ruffian>thief>TH>entrapper? In CL job passives do not work(unless the update has come) and pure paths are bad. Also why going anything like TH>Entrapper or Assassian>BT is bad(until update) More updates will come soon
  3. Just a while ago, when i was hanging out in alker harbor minding my own business, suddenly a swordmaster wearing a Gardener's set and a KOD passes by. Both KOD and Gardener's set are used for eva or rogues or mages, i thought to myself but i never saw a fighter wear one until now. My question is, do people really use light armor on swordmasters? If they do is it good? If it is can you tell me the path to becoming one (just the class job path and stats)? Thanks in advance.
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