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Found 3 results

  1. Tell me what you have planed for this summer. If you already did something, let me know what you did. I'm interested to see what everyone's been up to.
  2. Cuman perasaan aku aja apa emg bener ya ? harga BWL turun Derastis .. Tadi nya rata" 3,8b Sekarang Di press terus Harganya sampe 3,2b.. Malah Banyak Player Yang mau 3b Aduh Jadi Rugi Deh Pedagang BWL >_<
  3. Fire

    Channel 2 PVP

    Channel 1 pvp is ruled by guild drama. What I mean by this is that if there is a guild of 5+ people there at once, they will just not allow anyone to kill anyone else or just bully lol. PVP map is MEANT FOR KILLING not to stand there and afk lmao. You can’t take it so seriously people, if someone kills you one time it’s like omfg I HAVE TO SPAWN KILL FOR AN HOUR and get my whole guild to kill them as well. That is just ridiculous, pvp is meant for fun and so everyone should be having fun lol. So that is why I propose a set of rules for channel 2 pvp map (hopefully being on ch2 will also decrease lag). No Parties allowed “not killing guildies” rule banned, you can kill whoever you want whenever you want No spawn killing one person for a long period of time No bad language or getting angry No taking game seriously. All skills allowed, no calling people noob or getting angry because someone uses a skill No killing in safe Zone Thanks Fifin for the picture. Safe zone can be used for a number of things: You can party here You can buff and heal You can afk Just sit and talk, lounge around Remember you cannot party outside of this safe zone! I cannot force you to follow these rules, it is called good sportsmanship. If you want something like this, you have to try your best, do your own part. If you follow the rules, others will also start as well. Remember, if you want to bully using party or guild or you want to afk all the time in pvp map, please go to ch1. Everyone is welcome, in fact, everyone please join us! I am tired of going to PVP and not being able to kill you guys because you start spazzing at me. Now if the Admins wanted, they could turn off party in pvp ch2 o.o'...just a thought lol.
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