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  1. Entrapper Guide Job Introduction: Entrapper is a Job in CelestiaLuna for best for looting because of its Skill Exortion +45% chance of droprate, neraharbor is a map in celestialuna, it is the best map to farm gold because every mobs in neraharbor can drop a weapon that cost 2m and 2.5m each if you sell in npc, if you have fullbag of weapons you will earn with a total 125m. at this guide below im gonna show you a video how to hunt in neraharbor in just 5mins full bag.. in that video i also show about my entrapper including all items im wearing and stats i build. if you have not enough items for your entrapper i prefer you to use eva set even if its not that kind of highphilo just make sure your eva is 280 for sure to survive at neraharbor. then use RuneMaster(RM) is a elf mage for buffer to make you powerfull. and of course for the lvl required for fast looting is lvl 100-105. read below how to deleveled your entrapper. Entrapper with Dagger and Shield Human and elf Human: Rogue > Ruffian > Archer > Assasin > Entrapper Elf: Rogue > Ruffian > Archer > RuneWalker > Entrapper Skills differences between race Human: have more physical attack Active Skills BurningRage (20% p.a) Predator (10% critdamage but decrease 8% pdef) Passive Skills lvl4 DeathSign (8% critdamage) RapidAttack (12.5% attackspeed) RapidMovement (8% movementspeed) Elf: have more crit rate, crit damage, physical defence, and movement speed Active Skills SideSteps (8 evasion) WhisperingStream (20% movementspeed) WhisperingWind (145 critrate) WhisperingFire (15% critdamage) NatureShield (8% pdef) Passive Skills lvl5 DeathSign (10% critdamage) Q> why Entrapper Best for Farming? A> they have lvl4 Exortion +45% DropRate. and +50x Drop Rate from the game server. Q> why i use Dagger + Shield instead Bow? A> its better to use shield for ur Pdef, and AK-Dagger for (+8%Attack Speed) & (+17%Crit Damage), and Passive Skill Shadow/Diabolic Instinct for Dagger User's only (+17.5eva) & (+23%CritDamge +105CritRate). While bow is higher in physical attacking only. in other words using dagger will give you the more critdamage.. Q> why Ruffian > Archer path? A> Ruffian path will give you skill for dagger user's and skill WindBreaking Which is usefull for lvlng, and Archer will give you FatalTouch Skill its a buff for CritDamage. Q> why Assasin or RuneWalker instead TreasureHunter? A> because TreasureHunter skill is available at Entrapper. Q> why Entrapper instead BladeTaker or Tempermaster best for farming NH? A> Entrapper have lvl4 Exortion, BladeTaker[bT] or TemperMaster[TM] have lvl2 Exortion from TreasureHunter Path. Q> what stats should i put at lvlng purpose? A> Dex stats. for eva and better damage. Q> Should i Reskill/Restat after i reach lvl105?? A> Its up to you.. if you think you need to use, then use scroll. Q> what is better Elf or Human? A> as my Experience Elf is much Stronger than Human but, you'll need to save much of SP for your Skill. elf have a lot of skill while Human have less of skill buff, so i mostly use my human entrapper cuz im lazy for doing some buffs.. Equips: Equips for lvl1 to 60 any light armors and weapons(dagger) from npc that fit on your lvl upgrade it by enchanting and reinforcing Equips for lvl60+ 5/5 Blood stained Set Bloodstained Mask, Bloodstained Armor, Bloodstained Glove, Bloodstained Boots and Grim Reaper's Scythe Weapon eva philo For Necklace,Earing,Ring anything you can wear with eva philo Equips for lvl80+ 3/3 Transcended Armor/Glove/Boots eva philo Weapons: take that dude dagger eva philo Flick Earing eva philo For Necklace,Ring anything you can wear with eva philo Equips for lvl105+ g.set or read below for final set Tips: Always Use RuneMaster(elf mage) Buffs. So you can hunt/lvlng Easily Lets Start now... Rogue: Active Skills Dusk Slashing Max Zypher Max Burning Rage (Human only) Passive Skills Max Light-Armor Expertise Max Dagger Training Max Light Evasion Max Blindiside Max Death Sign Ruffian - AlkerHarbor Tierre(Rogue Union) Active Skills Wind Breaking Max Dusk Slashing Max Zypher Max Detect Hole Max Quick Move Max Burning Rage (Human only) Max Nature Shield (Elf only) Passive Skills Max Light-Armor Expertise Max Dagger Training Max Death Sign Max Blindside Max Light Evasion Max Diabolic Instinct Max Shadow Instinct Archer - AlkerHarbor Tierre(Rogue Union) Active Skills Dusk Slashing Max Zypher Max Fatal Touch Max Quick Move Passive Skills Max Light-Armor Expertise Max Death Sign Max Light Evasion Assasin - For Human only - AlkerHarbor Tierre(Rogue Union) Active Skills lvl5 Shatdow Spin Max Predator Max Zypher Max Detect Hole Max Quick Move lvl1 Stealth Passive Skills Max Light-Armor Expertise Max Dagger Training Max Diabolic Instinct Max Shadow Instinct Max Blindside Max Light Evasion Max Rapid Attack Max Rapid Movement RuneWalker - For Elf only - MoonBlindSwap Andorna(Hunters Union) Active Skills Max Whispering Wind Max Whispering Fire Max Whispering Stream Max Side Step Max Zypher Max Detect Hole Max Quick Move Passive Skills Max Light-Armor Expertise Max Shadow Instinct Max Diabolic Instinct Max Blindside Max Death Sign Max Light Evasion Entrapper - NeraCastle Cindamook(Sage) Active Skills Max Hunter Blast lvl5 Hunter Smoke Max Catch Pounding Max Shield Boomerang Max Dagger Blow lvl1 Sudden Raid lvl5 Shadow Spin (Human only) Max Exortion Max Zypher Max Detect Hole Max Fatal Touch Max Quick Move Max Predator (Human only) Max Burning Rage (Human only) Max Nature Shield (Elf only) Max Whispering Wind (Elf only Max Whispering Fire (Elf only) Max Whispering Strean (Elf only) Max Side Step (Elf only) lvl1 Stealth Passive Skills Max Light-Armor Expertise Max Dagger Training Max Diabolic Instinct Max Shadow Instinct Max Light Evasion Max Blindside Max Death Sign Max Rapid Attack Max Rapid Movement My Entrapper Skill :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Entrapper Elf skill at lvl 115 Entrapper Human skill at lvl 115 Note: after you reach at lvl 107, you can deleved to 100 to start hunt NeraHarbor, but u cant max all those skill at lvl 107, so u must max all 1st Passive and Buffs then at ur attack Skill, for AOE HunterBlast(lvl16) and for SingleHit DaggerBlow(lvl5), ShieldBoomerang(lvl5), CatchPounding(lvl1). Save SP: to save SP you must follow this, if you gonna build eva dont max LightArmorExpertise just lvl10, and if you gonna build p.def dont learn LightEvasion and ShadowInstinct. build 280eva or 3.5k pdef for NH only. Attack Skill: for your Main AttackSkill HunterBlast for Area of Effect(AOE) must be lvl16 or max it lvl20, and for SingleShot ShieldBoomerang, CatchPounding, DaggerBlow lvl5 is enough. Skill Combo: for duel or player vs player(pvp) and Hunting Boss like Wookiss - Stealth > Sudden Raid > Shield Boomerang > Hunter Blast > Catch Pounding > Hunter Smoke then Shield Boomerang again and so on. (Sudden Raid Skill can only be use when you are on Stealth mode). for group of monster Hunter Blast > Wind Breaking > Hunter Smoke and Repeat.. Map for lvlng. 1-10: Gate of alker 10-20: Ruins of Draconian/Zakandia Outpost 20-30: Tarintus/Moon Blind Forest 40-50: The Way to Howling Ravine/Howling Ravine 50-60: Howling Ravine/Dryed Gazell Fall 60-70: Howling Caves 1F & 2F 70-80: Ghost tree Swamp/Lair of Kierra 80-90: The Valley of Fairy 90-100: The Valley of Fairy/Nera Harbor 100-110: Nera Harbor 110-120: Garden (Mantis/Maggots) 120-130: Graveyard of Nera Knights (at tombstones) 130+: Solo DD Outfit Costume Head: Crit Slime +193critrate 47ms Glass: Any 5str 5vit glass or Vip eye 2/6 +119ms Hat: Bachelor +p.a 3%p.a 35ms Suit: Black Widow leather(BWL) +10%pa,ms,hp,mp Gloves: Panda Glove +3dex 5%attack speed or Vip Gloves 2/6 +119ms Shoes: Panda Boots +10%movement speed Cape: Phixus 19str/dex or 90crit[p] +1%p.a 150ms Equips: must 12eva(p) or 20str(p).. if you build eva dont make +12 for armors Helmet: Kynee 12+eva[p] 35dex[r] or Bane of Desire 10eva[p] 25dex[r] [+5% item gain rate and +10vit] Armor: Gardeners Armor 12+eva[p] 35str[r] Gloves: Gardeners Glove 24str[c] 12+eva[p] 35str[r] Boots: Gardeners Boot 12+eva[p] 12eva/100ms[r] Necklace: Chival/Regulus/Hercules +19p.a[p] 600+hp[r] Ring: 2pcs Hathor 19pa or 12eva[p], i dont recomended to use Draupnir. its still better to use 2/2Set effect of Hathor for damage. Earing: 2pcs Flick 19pa or 10eva[p] 20mp rec[r] Belt: DS-Weapon 19pa[p] Shield: Aias Shield/Aeanas Shield Weapon: +12Advanced Knife 12eva[p] 30pa[r] Stats: Str - increase physicalAttack, 20str = 1strike Dex - increase critdamge/critrate, 10dex = 1eva 1strike Vit - increase Pdef/MaxHP/HPrecovery Tips for stats and items: choose Dex in stats then items must full str also ur cape str(p).. if you want build eva, dex in stats full eva items.. to gain more p.def make ur shield +12 and armor +12, for your damage make ur Dagger +12.. For Survival: to hunt NeraHarbor you need 280 evasion or 3.5kpdef, 4kp.a+ then Dex Stats you can kill 1hit in NeraHarbor.. your Mission is to kill Monster 1hit.. so you can hunt easy in 5mins full bag = 125m.. Tips for Deleveled: The lvl required for fast looting is lvl 100-105, to deleveld earn pk points by killing somebody(Dont be killed by someone), or you may use dummy to kill if its hard for you to kill another players, until you earn atleast 3k pk points, then to deleved activate the pk then close the client.. (be carefull to use pk theres a bug in pk if another player kill you while you are on pk mode with pk points, then you close the client they can get your equips and gold, so dont be killed by someone). if another player killed you put all your equips and gold on your another character or you may put it on your warehouse by using warehouse recall then close the client.. Tips for Selling Loots: to sell weapon fast, right click the weapon then press yes of each weapon(be carefull for selling weapons you may wrong click you will may remove your weapon that you were wearing then you accidentally sell it). but mostly happen to me when i deleveld into 102 below and i accidentally remove my AK i cant wear it because i dont have enough of lvl, since AdvancedKnife is for lvl 103.. Rare Items: possible to drop rare items (NeraHarbor) Blue Beard Captain lvl104 - Aias Shield Blue Beard Pirate lvl101 - Long Sword of Steno Blue Beard Pirate lvl100 - Advanced Knife for Boss: One-Eyed Wookiss lvl110 - Kynee, Golden Axe and Giant's Saint's Tears 20vit Black Beard Morgan lvl105 - Death Mask, Muramasa and Titan's Magnum Blade 20str Lag Sparrow lvl105 - Barbarian Belt, Cutlass and Tiger's Blue Storm 20dex Rune Carving: you can also collect Rune Carving Ore/Leather/Cloth Piece, they are usefull to craft lvl100 to 115 weapons and armors, Rune Carving Ore is the most important piece to craft any weapons and Heavy Armors, Rune Carving Leather is to craft Light Armor, and Rune Carving Cloth is to craft Robe. Rules: Avoid breaking the game's rules, most broken rules in neraharbor ksing or spot claiming About me: About my entrapper it came from lvl115 i deleveled it to lvl100 to hunt neraharbor, i have 4.5k pk points to deleveled fast, i put dex on my stats and my items str/p.a and ms, i build pdef entrapper i have 3.6k pdef to survive at neraharbor. i have both human and elf entrapper, but human is more fun than elf because im lazy to do some buffs.. Little Tips for Items.. this is the items im wearing with selfbuffs only that can kill in neraharbor in just 1hit My Video Hunting B) .. The item im wearing here in video such as, 2pcs Hathor, Ds-Weapon belt, Phixus, Helmet and costume is my equips from my main char fighter.. if you are newbie with not enough gold for your items you may read this guide.. http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/4889-be-a-merchant/ http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/28576-5-tips-to-get-rich-in-celestia-luna/ this Elf Mage have a big role on your career from the beginning to the end of your game, path must be Wizard > Sorcerer > Bishop > RuneMaster.. this mage is only your buffer.. http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/3491-fees-graceful-or-painful-rm/ I also published a Guide of SwordMaster Human/Elf for Dual Sword and Destroyer for 2hands Sword http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/24503-successful-elfhuman-dual-sword-users-swordmaster-guide/ http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/24401-successful-2hands-sword-users-destroyer-guide/ Hope this helps! If you have any question about it just comment Thanks for reading! All Rights Reserved © COPYRIGHT PROTECTED .stealing is illegal.
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