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Found 4 results

  1. We have items such as Skill Reset Scrolls and Stat Reset Scrolls which we all need at some point of the game. They are worth 20 Gems in the Gem Store and worth every penny. However, do you find yourself constantly making more and more alternate characters? Either because you went the wrong path or simply because you want to change from playing a Grandmaster to a Cardinal? But you don't want to spend those few hours grinding from scratch? Do you have so many accounts that you sometimes forget the login? I'd like to suggest a Job Reset Scroll or any type of consumable that resets your class accordingly to Fighter / Rouge / or Mage without losing Level Experience. Once the item has been consumed you may then proceed going to the relevant NPCs and the required quests to change jobs. This item is exchangeable in game and can be purchased from the Gem Store for 40 Gems (or more according to the GMs opinion). Why 40 Gems? Well you're changing jobs meaning you're getting a skill reset too (please note that changing job does NOT require a stat reset). The rest of the reasons why it can be more than 40 Gems is logical and very opinion based. So let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)
  2. ~Mirul~Ac@@p


    Path Job Magnus apa? Elf-Sword ato Axe??
  3. Hi! Um, I was wondering if there was a way for me to change my class or if I go to an npc. I saw on my character info that i'm a voyager, and that at lvl 40 I can be sonething else. I wanted to stick to bow and arrows and was wondering how I can avoid daggers all together. Thanks :)
  4. I already made an elf with level 75 . . .PLS help me sir . . . Thank You ^_^ :)
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