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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm a new player and I'm trying to log in to the server, but when i write my ID and my PW in the login page, the game crashes and stop to work. I tried instal VC Redist x64 because my OS is Windows 10, 64 bits. restarted my PC but nothing happens. It still the same. So can anyone help me please?
  2. Ello, So I've downloaded and redownloaded Celestia Luna, about four to five times. There's only one server, Vantage. I've been trying to connect to it, but each time I click connect, the server thing goes away but the background stays and nothing else happens. I have had my antivirus disabled for Luna and everything. I just want to play Luna. Can anyone help?
  3. I just downloaded this game, and it seems to run. At the login screen, it says ID, Password, and the little key symbol for the "security Number". How do I set my security number? I can't log in because of it.
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