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Found 1 result

  1. Garavion

    Elf Arch Ranger

    Hello everyone!, I'm building an Elf Arch Ranger with the following path: Ruffian > Archer > Rune Walker > Arch Ranger Despite having read a lot about the AR in the forum, I'm still not fully convinced about the best stats, equipment and other stuff. Therefore, I would like to hear the opinion of the most experienced ARs of Celestia :P I will put my questions numbered so you can answer them by its number. It is not necessary to answer them all. Just answer to those that you know very well. STATs Questions: :huh: Should I go... 1) Full DEX with STR Equipment?. 1.1) is it good at Guild Wars? (e.g. killing a Tank?). 1.2) and leveling from 120+?. 1.3) and what about killing high level Bosses such as Huge Mummy?. 2) Full STR with Accuracy Equipment?. 2.1) is there any serious disadvantage I should know?. 3) or a mix between STR and DEX?. Itemshop Questions: :huh: If I go Full DEX: 4) What's the best Cloak and Emulet?. 5) What's the best Head Accessory: Lizard, Angel or Slime?. Which one specifically?. If I go Full STR: 6) What's the best Cloak and Emulet?. 7) What's the best Head Accessory: Lizard, Angel or Slime?. Which one specifically?. Well, I think that are all my doubts haha!. Feel free to suggest anything you want to, even if is out of the questions. I thank you all for your time and willingness. Hugs for all :D
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