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Found 1 result

  1. As the title suggests, Upgrade Rune Master class. It's the least used class in war, and doesn't have the support skills that it can have. People mainly use it for buffing / silencing and healing. Here are some specific suggestions: #1 Add a cure sleep skill that allows you to remove sleeping effects of a targeted player. #2 Upgrade cure bleeding to lvl 10 #3 Upgrade cure poison to lvl 10 #4 Active aura skill (Song of Luna) All party members within 15m have targeted skills directed at them negated. Skill lasts 6/8/10/12/14 seconds, Any party member outside 15m loses buff. #5 A support aura skill (Reduco) All party members within 15m have their skill cooldowns reduced by 10% for 5 minutes. #6 Upgrade divine hold to lvl 20 #7 Upgrade chill breeze to lvl 25 #8 Upgrade fast heal to lvl 25 #9 Upgrade great heal to lvl 25 #10 Upgrade group heal to lvl 25 Rune Master is meant to be played in a full party, Supporting it's party by buffing / healing/ removing status effects and freezing, stunning, and holding the opposing force. This class is meant to bring everyone together. With a proper Rune Master in a full party, No longer can one solo a guild war. It will be done as a team effort, as it was so long ago (Wars without edits. When Laurel, Reid, and sparx were active)
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