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  1. IGN: iBuddy "I love the rain "
  2. Cordelia

    B> HC staff

    Buying hc staff Message InoriHime in game. Thank you.
  3. Hello Tyler, Old player here. All the english players used to hangout in way to howling chan 1, gates chan 1, or alker chan 1/3. Now it's down to alker chan 1.
  4. In preparation for cancer awareness month coming in October, I propose a cancer awareness month event. Event will be Event, Gem, and PD based. This event will bring back old players and invite new players that have not experienced the glamour that is Luna Online. Event includes but not limited to: #1 special items sold in gem store that are pink but normally would never be the color pink (Example items are SF PA costume, BWL, Wiz robe, capes, sunglasses) The most used costume items in a pink hue. #2 An automated event such as our most recent event in dark forest. balloons celebrating people who have survived cancer and promoting awareness will be placed in key locations throughout most used maps on Celestia. #3 Banners promoting Cancer awareness while also promoting Celestia Luna (This will be used as a marketing tool for Celestia Luna) During the event videos will be made and posted on YouTube for others to view all the fun that happens on this private server while inviting people to join. #4 Special PD items that will be available for limited time. Items such as pink VIP gloves, BWS, munchkin gloves, weapons and armors all in pink hue.(Limited supplies to prevent over pinkness in general population) The items will not be an upgrade from current items. They will promote awareness with a pink shade and have a special name. #5 GM sponsored events that interacts with players while giving consumables like 100% and pukes. One example is lvl 1 race through higher lvl maps like moon blind forest / swamp/ ghost tree swamp. The price of these items are absurd. People who are new that join would never be able to afford these items if they wanted to level and didn't have the items,gold or ability to donate. Most people do not have rich friends in game or people randomly giving out free items. #6 Daily login event prizes given out. Everyday you get a small item, if you're online for 7 days in a row for 30 minutes each day you get a consumable like speed pot, 100%, 30% or 10% scrolls. A portion of gem revenue collected by the event goes to a institution of cancer research as designated by administrators.
  5. Agreed, Let me rephrase that. Before any of that happened, When CL was newer and everyone wasn't overpowered.
  6. As the title suggests, Upgrade Rune Master class. It's the least used class in war, and doesn't have the support skills that it can have. People mainly use it for buffing / silencing and healing. Here are some specific suggestions: #1 Add a cure sleep skill that allows you to remove sleeping effects of a targeted player. #2 Upgrade cure bleeding to lvl 10 #3 Upgrade cure poison to lvl 10 #4 Active aura skill (Song of Luna) All party members within 15m have targeted skills directed at them negated. Skill lasts 6/8/10/12/14 seconds, Any party member outside 15m loses buff. #5 A support aura skill (Reduco) All party members within 15m have their skill cooldowns reduced by 10% for 5 minutes. #6 Upgrade divine hold to lvl 20 #7 Upgrade chill breeze to lvl 25 #8 Upgrade fast heal to lvl 25 #9 Upgrade great heal to lvl 25 #10 Upgrade group heal to lvl 25 Rune Master is meant to be played in a full party, Supporting it's party by buffing / healing/ removing status effects and freezing, stunning, and holding the opposing force. This class is meant to bring everyone together. With a proper Rune Master in a full party, No longer can one solo a guild war. It will be done as a team effort, as it was so long ago (Wars without edits. When Laurel, Reid, and sparx were active)
  7. Cordelia

    Music Box

    I've always wanted to listen to nera castle music while leveling from gates to howling cave 2. Shouldn't be hard to implement either and would add more "features" to the game.
  8. I'd like to add to this. Tanks should not have survivability, range, hp, block, and sleep. They are Melee character's that take all the damage and can keep the enemy stun locked from up close. They allow the team to focus on healing / buffing and getting ready for the next upcoming wave of enemy guild memebers. In war and farming tanks are supposed to take all the damage while being in close proximity to the enemy pulling aggro / keeping the enemy stun locked from up close(Hence the Melee class). They are not meant to be a one man army that can fight on par (in terms of range) Arch ranger, Mage, Sniper, and Panzer. These classes are supposed to be able to do some damage to tanks before they get close enough for them to do any form of damage.
  9. Team based pvp would be an excellent addition to the game. The pvp has become stale as of late, Barely anyone goes there anymore. Unlike a few years ago where there was a minimum of 5 people in the map at all times, The most i've seen was 50 at one time. or As ban implied, They could implement castle siege (which has always been an option) and have edited / non edited and layered (different levels, for example 105-115, 116-125, 126-135, 136-150) castle siege options. You don't have edited items and are lvl 120? Option is available You're edited and are lvl 150? option is available. It can be made to be just non edited (Though, The people who have supported the game through private donation would certainly appreciate the ability to use those items in something other than farming and guild war and add a bit of competitive action in a tournament style game.)
  10. Before leaving CL, It was my goal to make a record for the fastest leveler on cl. I used 100% 30% 10% 10%. There are records on here of stats and what not but no ones ever made a "fastest leveler" record on Celestia Luna. I've been here since 2009 when CL first opened. It was a fun experience throughout the years helping mold this game into what it is. This is the only Luna Online server that has lasted period. Some of you may know me, Some of you may not. I hope everyone on here continues having fun in their own way. It was a great experience but, Alas many of the players which I've known have left and it's my time to leave. May this game continue living for a long time to come. I may or may not come back. One of the greatest games i've played. Thank you everyone. Yours truly, Eli
  11. This crafting system will be sure to help the newer players of the community learn an easier crafting system than the one we have now. It would be a huge improvement from this current system.
  12. http://celestialuna.com/ top left hand corner.
  13. Completely possible. It's been done on other luna's.
  14. Currently, people wear the following costumes in war. fighters / rogues P atc bache BWL vip glove panda boots / swim fins Mages Mag atc bache Wiz robe Munchkin glove Panda boots / vip boots There should be different stats that are almost as good as wearing those costumes. It's boring watching a war with everyone wearing the above mentioned costumes. it makes the war look bland, everyone looks the same. if everyone didn't have names you couldn't tell people apart. Argument against this was Eyasoft originally didn't intend to add stats to costumes, it was purely cosmetic. My opinion would be to add decent stats to costumes. Just like Fish / Royal costume from Gpotato had decent stats for noobies (when I was one) You didn't need to be rich to buy it, and gained decent stats + 200++ ms from wearing the full costume. It's funny watching people fight each other in panda,fish,royal,street fighter, etc.
  15. Antoni77, The problem isnt their skills now it's the range. Any SM can just walk up and SB them without any reaction time for the sniper. A sniper isn't even a sniper. Even when i had 650 eva / 600 strike on my sniper it was still extremely difficult to kill people (mostly because of gap issues) The damage output is pretty low for any sniper going from 105-130, once you get to lvl 140 (which requires ALOT of work since you only have 1 aoe) you can kill people easy. The problem than isn't killing people, its people killing you. As a sniper your supposed to snipe people, but pretty much any fighter can just walk up to you and sb you (if they can hit you) That's my 2 cents Vincard. Snipers are awesome, if they decide to fix the range problem snipers will be one of the best classes out there. You cant kill what you cant touch!
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